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Gateway to Sikhism

1 Who taught Hindi and Sanskrit to Guru Gobind Singh Ji ?
  Sahib Chand Granthi
  Sahib Chand Ram
  Sahib Gobind Ram
  Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

2 What was the name of coin issued by Maharaja Ranjit Singh ?
  Nanak Shahi
  Nanaki Note
  Nanak Rupiah
  Nanak Mohar

3 When was Maharaja Ranjit Singh given the title of Maharaja ?
  The Baisakhi of1800
  The Baisakhi of1801
  The Baisakhi of1802
  The Baisakhi of1803

4 When did Maharaja Ranjit Singh passed away ?
  27, June 1829
  27, June 1839
  27, June 1849
  27, June 1859

5 At what age Maharaja Ranjit Singh become Jathedar of a Missil ?

6 When & where Maharaja Ranjit Singh was born ?
  2-11-1780 , Gujranawala
  2-11-1880 , Gujranawala
  2-11-1780 , Lahore
  2-11-1880 , Lahore

7 Who built Gurdwara Sis Ganj and Rakab ganj in Delhi ?
  Lakhi Shah Wanjara
  Baba Baghel Singh
  S. Baghel Singh Karorsinghia
  Delhi Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee

8 At the age of ten how many Banis Akali Baba Phoola Singh remembered by hearts ?
  Complete Nitnem , Akal Ustat & Swayyias
  Complete Nitnem , Akal Ustat
  complete Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  Complete Nitnem

9 Who planted and nourished Pinjore Garden near Chandigarh ?
  S. Yadavinder Singh,Maharaja of Jammu
  S. Yadavinder Singh,Maharaja of Jind
  S. Yadavinder Singh,Maharaja of Patiala
  S. Yadavinder Singh,Maharaja of Hyderabad

10 Where was capital of Khalsa Raj situated ?

11 Who founded Indian National Army ?
  Gen. Mohan Singh
  Gen. O' Dyer
  Gen. Amarjit Singh
  Gen. Gurpreet Singh Kalkat

12 Which sikh Hero fought with a lion and killed it ?
  S. Hari Singh Nalwa - A general inthe army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Army
  Maharaja Ranjit Singh
  Maharaja Ripudaman Singh of 'Jind'
  Rajwant Singh,Maharaja of Patiala

13 After which battle Mai Bhago met Guru Gobind Singh Ji ?
  Battle of Chamkaur
  Battle of Anandpur Sahib
  Battle of Mukatsar
  Battle of Panipat

14 Who handed over the letter 'Zaffarnama' to Aurangzeb ?
  Bhai Daya Singh Ji
  Bhai Mani Singh Ji
  Bhai Sati Das Ji
  He himself took the letter

15 Which Sikh was given the honour of true beard and Sangat Sahib ?
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