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Vegetarian Dishes Recipes


  • This is a northern state of India which carries its culture with pride and pomp, with wonderfully bright turbans worn by the gents and equally bright salwar kameezes worn by ladies.
  • The richness of their clothes is reflected in the richness of their jewellery, hospitality, food and festivities.
  • Punjab ! The name is synonymous with luscious gravies, vegetables rich with creamy and aromatic spices.
  • The sweets are lavishly garnished with chopped and slivered and sliced spices, while gravies are made rich by the use of ghee and cream.
  • Their breads like naans, parathas, etc. are soft, buttery and melt in the mouth.
  • Many people abroad identify Indian cuisine with Punjabi food. For them, eating indian food means eating naans, gravied vegetables, curries and pulaos.
  • Therefore, with great joy we bring to you a sample of the versatile cuisine of Punjab.
  1. Amritsari Aloo
  2. Aloo Chole
  3. Aloo Gobhi
  4. Aloo Mattar (Potatoes and peas curry)
  5. Aloo Mutter Gobi
  6. Aloo Palak
  7. Aloo Palak - 1
  8. Aloo Raita (Potatoes with Curd Sauce)
  9. Aloo Tikki
  10. Aloo (Potato) Tikki
  11. Baigan Bharta (Mashed Brinjals)
  12. Baigan Bharta
  13. Bhatura
  14. Bhindi (Okra)
  15. Bread Rolls
  16. Broad Bean Vegetable (Lobia)
  17. Cauliflower Bhaaji
  18. Chandni Vegetarian Cuisine's North American Blackeyes (Lobhia)
  19. Cheese Corn Capsicum
  20. Chatpate Chane
  21. Classic Breakfast
  22. Cucumber and Onion Raita
  23. Curried Mushrooms
  24. Daal Ladoo
  25. Dahi Bhalle
  26. Dahi-Karela (Bitter Gourd in Curds)
  27. Dal Fry (Lentils With Special Tempering)
  28. Dal Makhani
  29. Dal Makhani (Dal Cooked in Butter)
  30. Fresh Corn Salad
  31. Five-Jewel Creamed Lentils
  32. Fried Okra with Cumin
  33. Gobi Paranthas
  34. Hot Lime Pickle
  35. Handi Biryani
  36. Jeera Rice
  37. Jeera Fried Rice
  38. Kenyan Samosa
  39. Khoya Bhaajji
  40. Khumb do-piazza
  41. Lassi Patiala
  42. Lime Rice
  43. Makhani Sabzi
  44. Makki Di Roti
  45. Masaledar Karele
  46. Mattar Paneer (Peas with Farmer Cheese)
  47. Malai Kofta
  48. Masroom Samosa
  49. Methi Sabzi
  50. Methi Matar Malai
  51. Mixed Vegetables Layered Rice
  52. Mushroom Curry
  53. Navratan Korma
  54. Palak Makkai Malai
  55. Paratha, Flaky Wholemeal Bread
  56. Paneer Amritsari
  57. Paneer Mattar Masala
  58. Paneer Pakora
  59. Pani Puri
  60. Pani Puri 1
  61. Pindi Chana
  62. Pista Lassi
  63. Potato in Curd Gr avy
  64. Pulao
  65. Punjabi Carrot Pickle
  66. Punjabi Karhi (Butter Milk-curry)
  67. Quick Glazed Carrot Halwa (Gajar Halwa)
  68. Rajma
  69. Roasted New Potatoes with Peanuts
  70. Sabat Aloo
  71. Samosa
  72. Sarson Ka Saag
  73. Sauted Spinach with Ginger
  74. Shahi Paneer
  75. Spicy Basmati Rice
  76. Spinach Cheese Rice
  77. Stuffed Onions
  78. Stuffed Brinjal
  79. Stuffed Paneer Potatoes
  80. Stuffed Ridge Ground & Lady Finger
  81. Sukhi Daal
  82. Sukhi Channa Dal
  83. Vegetable Fitters (Pakora)
  84. Zucchini Fritters will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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