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15th June


1606 Foundation Stone of Sri Akal Takhat is laid by Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji.

Foundation Stone of Sri Akal Takhat is laid by Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji. This event marked the official declaraion of the sovereigntity of the Sikh nation. The Sikhs reject all other sovereignity and owed their allegiance to the Almighty only. After the revealation the Akal Takhat, Guru Hargobind Sahib issued the first Hukamnama (the royal letter) from the throne:

Guru Arjan has left for heavenly abode and the sixth Guru has been crowned. Those who would visit him at his Throne, should bring only good horses and good arms as offereings.

Sohan Kavi also referes to this Hukamnama which asked the Sikhs to visit him on Haar Sudi 20, 1663 BK (July 1606). The Guru, addressing, the audience, announced that he had formed an army to fight the tyrannyt of the rulers of Delhi, to preserve Sikh sovereignity and to save the Sikh religion. He asked the sikhs to be fully armed because religion could not be saved without resorting to arms against the tyrant regime and that was a must for the survival of their religion.

1940 Sikandar-Baldev Singh pact eastablished to improve Sikh_Muslim relations. Hindu press in Punjab went hysterical.

Sikandar-Baldev Singh pact was established. Under it Baldev Singh joined the Punjab Cabinet. Shortly afterwards, Sir Jogendra Singh was nominated as a member of teh Viceroy's expended council. This marked the beginning of the Akalis chartering an independent sourse. However, the Hindu press in Punajb, which seldom played a constructive role, went hysterical.

-Ref. The Sikhs in History, by Sangat Singh, 1995

1984 Akali Dal Youth Wing President, Prof. Prem Singh ChandMajra, arrested under National Security Act.
1984 Buya Singh replaces Chaudhary Subae Singh as SSP of Amritsar. Under Buya Singh, Sikhs suffered terrible autrocities. So much so that to protect his life he was transfered to Moscow.
1984 Ram Jaeth Malani, an eminent lawyer, resigned his position in Janta Party to challenge arrest of Sikh leaders in India's Supreme Court.
1984 Prof. Prem Singh Chand Marja, President of Akali Dal Youth Wing, is arrested by Patiala Police under National Security act. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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