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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History :15th February


15th February


1605 Guru Hargobind married Mata Damodari, daughter of Narian Das, a Julka Khatri of the village of Dall, 6 Kilometers southeast of Sultanpur Lodhi in Kapurthala district of the Punjab. This marriage resulted in a son, Baba Gurditta born in 1613 and a daughter, Bibi Viro born in 1615.
1762 Ahmad Shah Abdali traveled from Sirhind to Lahore with 50 bullock-carts filled with heads of Sikh.
1809 The East India Company established a cantonment in Ludhiana. This cantonment was specifically established to check the advance of Khalsa forces beyond the Sutlej.
1984 Feb. 15-20, the Hindus of Haryana under the guidance of the Chief Minister Bhajan Lal and senior police officials, attacked innocent Sikhs in the cities of Panipat, Rohtak, Kaithal Karnal, Ambala, Jind and other parts of Haryana province and killed 20 Sikhs, burnt six Sikh shrines and looted 200 Sikh houses and shops. The hair and beards of more than 12 Sikhs were shaved off by the Hindus in the presence of heavy contingents of police and Central Reserve Police CRP.



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