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Sikh History Timeline

Today in Sikh History – 2nd December


2nd December

1848 Sikhs fought the British at Sadulpur, Gujranwala. The Sikh Army under Sher Singh fought against the Right Column of the Army of the Punjab under Command of Major General Joseph Thackwell. For detailed description of this war, the reader is referred to the book, "Victorian Colonial Warfare — India: from the conquest of Sind to the Indian Mutiny," by Donald Featherstone 1992; Cassell, UK. ISBN 0-304-34172-X
1990 International Conference on Sikh Studies was held at University of British Columbia, Vancouver. The Canadian Sikh Study and Teaching Society was instrumental in organizing and hosting the conference. Some of the topics covered included: "Fundamentalism; Enlightenment of Mind; Sikhism as a Tortume Quid; Sikh Culture; From Ritual to Counter Ritual in a Critical Analysis; Role of Reason in Sikhism; Guru Granth Sahib and Modern Science; Creation of the Khalsa – a non-Sikh Indian Perspective; Need for World Institute of Sikhism, and Sikh Identity a Continuing Feature. More than 700 people attended this Sikh Academic Conference, a befitting tribute to the Vancauver Sikh community.

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