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Young Sikh Martyrs

Among the 700 Sikhs arrested and brought to Delhi to please the, Moghul Emperor Farukhasaiyer, there was a young boy of hardly 18 years of age.
The mother of that Sikh boy approached Farukhasaiyer to get his son freed by telling a lie, (out of love for his son) that his son was not a Sikh and was arrested by mistake by soldiers. Hearing this from the lady, Farukha saiyer was immensely pleased on the prospect of claiming that at least one Sikh had betrayed his faith. The Emperor issued orders for the release of the boy, provided the boy publicly disclaimed to be a sikh. Armed with the release orders for her son, the old lady walked over the place where his son was to be put to death along with other sikh prisoners.
She handed over the orders to the official incharge of executions. She also advised his son to disclaim being a Sikh, and thus save his life.
At this the boy started shouting loudly, “I am a staunch Sikh who valued his faith more than his life, I am eager to die as a martyr like his other companion sikh. The lady is not my mother. I do not recognize her. Please do not deprive me of the golden opportunity of sacrificing my life as a Sikh along with my brothers.” The more his mother tried to persuade him to disclaim being a Sikh the louder he shouted being a devoted Sikh.
The police chief, the Kazi and the spectators were astonished and impressed deeply by the courage shown by the young Sikh boy. They also felt humiliated. The young boy would have no doubt in his mind the supreme sacrifices unflinchinghly and willingly made by the young four sons of Guru Gobind Singh for upholding the values dear and cherished by Sikhs. This must have cemented his firm resolve not to renounce or insult his religion, even when faced with sure and cruel death. The executioner stopped forward and with a single blow if sword, cut off the head of the brave young Sikh from his body.
This way, the young Sikh boy enlightened the path of coming Sikh generations for all times to come. He showed to the world that a true Sikh values his faith more than anything else, since a true Sikh always keeps himself in readiness to fight against cruel and tyrant rulers in favor of the oppressed. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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