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Sikh Names ‘B’


Name Description


Father, the God




Potent life


Glow of strength

Balvaan Strong
Balvinder Lord of strength
Balwant Strong
Bani Sayings of the Guru
Banipreet Love for Divine hymns
Baniprem Love for Divine hymns
Bant Universe
Banta The God
Barjinder Lord of strength
Bawa Respectful
Basant Spring
Basantdeep Lamp of spring
Basantpaal Preserver of spring
Basantroop Shape of spring
Basantpreet Love of Spring
Beant Immeasurable, Endless
Beantsroop God-like
Beantpaal Fosterer of the immeasurable
Beantjeet Victor of the immeasurable
Beantveer Very very brave
Bejorh Matchless
Baghel Tiger


Bhaag Fate
Bhagirath The releaser of river
Bhagat Devotee
Bhagatdev The devotee of god
Bhagatjeev Devoted life
Bhagatpreet Love for devotee
Bhagwan God
Bhagwant God
Bhagwantjot Light of God
Bhagwantroop God form
Bhajan Devotion
Bhajanjeet Victor of devotion
Bhalvinder Glory of Inder
Bhaan Sun
Bhaninder The god of Sun
Bhanpreet Love of sun
Bhavdeep Lamp of the World
Bhavleen Engrossed in the world
Bhavpreet Love of World
Bhavna Feeling
Bhavninder The god of world
Bharat India
Bharatpreet Love for India
Bharpur Overflowing
Bhavan Pleasing, Attractive
Bhirn Robust
Bhoop King
Bhooppaal Fosterer of king
Bhupaal King


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