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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib-The Sikh Prayers


Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 09 Pauree 1-2

sloku ]



 auir DwrY jo AMqir nwmu ]

ur Dhaarai jo antar naam.

One who enshrines the Naam within the heart,

 srb mY pyKY Bgvwnu ]

sarab mai paykhai bhagvaan.

who sees the Lord God in all,

 inmK inmK Twkur nmskwrY ]

nimakh nimakh thaakur namaskaarai.

who, each and every moment, bows in reverence to the Lord Master

 nwnk Ehu Aprsu sgl insqwrY ]1]

naanak oh apras sagal nistaarai. ||1||

– O Nanak, such a one is the true ‘touch-nothing Saint’, who emancipates everyone. ||1||

 AstpdI ]



 imiQAw nwhI rsnw prs ]

mithi-aa naahee rasnaa paras.

One whose tongue does not touch falsehood;

 mn mih pRIiq inrMjn drs ]

man meh pareet niranjan daras.

whose mind is filled with love for the Blessed Vision of the Pure Lord,

 pr iqRA rUpu n pyKY nyqR ]

par tari-a roop na paykhai naytar.

whose eyes do not gaze upon the beauty of others’ wives,

 swD kI thl sMqsMig hyq ]

saaDh kee tahal satsang hayt.

who serves the Holy and loves the Saints’ Congregation,

 krn n sunY kwhU kI inMdw ]

karan na sunai kaahoo kee nindaa.

whose ears do not listen to slander against anyone,

 sB qy jwnY Awps kau mMdw ]

sabh tay jaanai aapas ka-o mandaa.

who deems himself to be the worst of all,

 gur pRswid ibiKAw prhrY ]

gur parsaad bikhi-aa parharai.

who, by Guru’s Grace, renounces corruption,

 mn kI bwsnw mn qy trY ]

man kee baasnaa man tay tarai.

who banishes the mind’s evil desires from his mind,

 ieMdRI ijq pMc doK qy rhq ]

indree jit panch dokh tay rahat.

who conquers his sexual instincts and is free of the five sinful passions

 nwnk koit mDy ko AYsw Aprs ]1]

naanak kot maDhay ko aisaa apras. ||1||

– O Nanak, among millions, there is scarcely one such ‘touch-nothing Saint’. ||1||

 bYsno so ijsu aUpir supRsMn ]

baisno so jis oopar suparsan.

The true Vaishnaav, the devotee of Vishnu, is the one with whom God is thoroughly pleased.

 ibsn kI mwieAw qy hoie iBMn ]

bisan kee maa-i-aa tay ho-ay bhinn.

He dwells apart from Maya.

 krm krq hovY inhkrm ]

karam karat hovai nihkaram.

Performing good deeds, he does not seek rewards.

 iqsu bYsno kw inrml Drm ]

tis baisno kaa nirmal Dharam.

Spotlessly pure is the religion of such a Vaishnaav;

 kwhU Pl kI ieCw nhI bwCY ]

kaahoo fal kee ichhaa nahee baachhai.

he has no desire for the fruits of his labors.

 kyvl Bgiq kIrqn sMig rwcY ]

kayval bhagat keertan sang raachai.

He is absorbed in devotional worship and the singing of Kirtan, the songs of the Lord’s Glory.

 mn qn AMqir ismrn gopwl ]

man tan antar simran gopaal.

Within his mind and body, he meditates in remembrance on the Lord of the Universe.

 sB aUpir hovq ikrpwl ]

sabh oopar hovat kirpaal.

He is kind to all creatures.

 Awip idRVY Avrh nwmu jpwvY ]

aap darirhai avrah naam japaavai.

He holds fast to the Naam, and inspires others to chant it.

 nwnk Ehu bYsno prm giq pwvY ]2]

naanak oh baisno param gat paavai. ||2||

O Nanak, such a Vaishnaav obtains the supreme status. ||2||


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