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Sakhi: Bhai Lehna to Guru Angad Dev Ji

There are many sakhis(stories) about the obedience of Bhai Lehna ji, telling us how he gave up his ego and followed the path shown by the Guru. He was never reluctant to do what the Guru wanted the Sikhs, the disciples, to do. The sakhis given below tell us about the sincere love and commitment of Bhai Lehna for the Guru.

s aevaa karath h oe n ihakaam ee ||
One who performs selfless service, without thought of reward,
th is ko ho th paraapath s uaamee ||
shall attain his Lord and Master.
(- Guru Granth Sahib – pg 286)

1) Once an unusual congregation of devotees assembled at Kartarpur, where ceaseless rain continued for three days. Guru ji looked towards his sons Baba Sri Chand and Lakhmi Das and said, "O dear sons! Ration is exausted, devotees are to be served. Climb up the acacia (Kikar) Tree and shake it up, so that the eatables drop for the serving". Both the sons laughed away the idea and refused to carry out the command. To comply the wishes of his divine master, Bhai Lehna at once climbed and shook the tree. And lo behold! The eatables started dropping in plenty.
2) One day while working in the rice fields, some grass growing in the crop was removed. It was to be fed to the animals in the house. The Guru asked his sons, Bhai Sri Chand and Bhai Lakhmi Chand to carry the bundle home. They declined to do that because the muddy water dripping from the wet roots of the grass would spoil their clothes. When the Guru looked towards Bhai Lehna, he immediately picked up the bundle of grass and brought it home. As they entered the house, the Guru's wife said with great concern: "Sire! See how his fine clothes are stained with mud!" Guru Nanak looked back and said, "Mud! Seest thou not, good lady! He bears the burden of suffering humanity. They are not mud stains, they are the sacred saffron-anointing's ! The Heaven anoints him, he is a Guru."
3) Once Guru Nanak Dev was taking a bath and while doing so, the cup he used for pouring water on his body slipped and rolled into a pit containing dirty water. When asked to take out the cup, the sons of the Guru advised him to get that dirty job done by someone else. Bhai Lehna, however, did not mind at all. He put his hand in the dirty water, took out the cup, cleaned it and handed it over to the Guru.
The thorough destruction of his ego and his complete obedience to the Guru made Bhai Lehna suitable to be chosen as the second Nanak. Before leaving for heavenly abode, Guru Nanak Dev passed on the responsibility of the guruship to Bhai Lehna Guru Nanak then blessed Lehna with his ang (hand) and gave him a new name, Angad, saying "you are a part of my body"

aa p sachaa sabh sach h ai gur sabadh b ujh aaee ||
He Himself is True, and everything is True; this is revealed through the Word of the Guru's Shabad.
th aeree s aev aa so kar ae j is no l aih i thoo l aaee ||
He alone serves You, whom You have enjoined to do so.
b in saev aa k inai n p aae iaa dhoo jai bharam kh uaaee ||3||
Without serving Him, no one finds Him; in duality and doubt, they are ruined. ||3||
s o kio manah u v isaar eeai n ith dhae vai charr ai savaa eiaa ||
How could we forget Him from our minds? The gifts which he bestows increase day by day.
j eeo pi(n)dd sabh th is dh aa saah u th inai v ich p aaeiaa ||
Soul and body, all belong to Him; He infused the breath into us.
j aa kirap aa kar ae thaa s aev eeai sae v sach samaae iaa ||4||
If he shows His Mercy, then we serve Him; serving Him, we merge in Truth. ||4||

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