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Slok Mehlaa Nauvan

slok mhlw 9 ]

salok mehlaa 9.

Shalok, Ninth Mehl:

gun goibMd gwieE nhI jnmu AkwrQ kInu ]

gun gobind gaa-i-o nahee janam akaarath keen.

If you do not sing the Praises of the Lord, your life is rendered useless.

khu nwnk hir Bju mnw ijh ibiD jl kau mInu ]1]

kaho naanak har bhaj manaa jih biDh jal ka-o meen. ||1||

Says Nanak, meditate, vibrate upon the Lord; immerse your mind in Him, like the fish in the water. ||1||

ibiKAn isau kwhy ricE inmK n hoih audwsu ]

bikhi-an si-o kaahay rachi-o nimakh na hohi udaas.

Why are you engrossed in sin and corruption? You are not detached, even for a moment!

khu nwnk Bju hir mnw prY n jm kI Pws ]2]

kaho naanak bhaj har manaa parai na jam kee faas. ||2||

Says Nanak, meditate, vibrate upon the Lord, and you shall not be caught in the noose of death. ||2||

qrnwpo ieau hI gieE lIE jrw qnu jIiq ]

tarnaapo i-o hee ga-i-o lee-o jaraa tan jeet.

Your youth has passed away like this, and old age has overtaken your body.

khu nwnk Bju hir mnw AauD jwqu hY bIiq ]3]

kaho naanak bhaj har manaa a-oDh jaat hai beet. ||3||

Says Nanak, meditate, vibrate upon the Lord; your life is fleeting away! ||3||

ibriD BieE sUJY nhI kwlu phUicE Awin ]

biraDh bha-i-o soojhai nahee kaal pahoochi-o aan.

You have become old, and you do not understand that death is overtaking you.

khu nwnk nr bwvry ikau n BjY Bgvwnu ]4]

kaho naanak nar baavray ki-o na bhajai bhagvaan. ||4||

Says Nanak, you are insane! Why do you not remember and meditate on God? ||4||

Dnu dwrw sMpiq sgl ijin ApunI kir mwin ]

Dhan daaraa sampat sagal jin apunee kar maan.

Your wealth, spouse, and all the possessions which you claim as your own

ien mY kCu sMgI nhI nwnk swcI jwin ]5]

in mai kachh sangee nahee naanak saachee jaan. ||5||

- none of these shall go along with you in the end. O Nanak, know this as true. ||5||

piqq auDwrn BY hrn hir AnwQ ky nwQ ]

patit uDhaaran bhai haran har anaath kay naath.

He is the Saving Grace of sinners, the Destroyer of fear, the Master of the masterless.

khu nwnk iqh jwnIAY sdw bsqu qum swiQ ]6]

kaho naanak tih jaanee-ai sadaa basat tum saath. ||6||

Says Nanak, realize and know Him, who is always with you. ||6||

qnu Dnu ijh qo kau dIE qW isau nyhu n kIn ]

tan Dhan jih to ka-o dee-o taaN si-o nayhu na keen.

He has given you your body and wealth, but you are not in love with Him.

khu nwnk nr bwvry Ab ikau folq dIn ]7]

kaho naanak nar baavray ab ki-o dolat deen. ||7||

Says Nanak, you are insane! Why do you now shake and tremble so helplessly? ||7||

qnu Dnu sMpY suK dIE Aru ijh nIky Dwm ]

tan Dhan sampai sukh dee-o ar jih neekay Dhaam.

He has given you your body, wealth, property, peace and beautiful mansions.

khu nwnk sunu ry mnw ismrq kwih n rwmu ]8]

kaho naanak sun ray manaa simrat kaahi na raam. ||8||

Says Nanak, listen, mind: why don't you remember the Lord in meditation? ||8|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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