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Sikh Matrimonials

Sikh Matrimonials
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Sikh Matrimonials


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Quotations from Adi Granth :Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life

1. Pray, this is the only opportunity, Seize it thou by forelock,
Meditate on the Lord, And see Him thou within,
Sayeth Kabir: I have proclaimed the truth by beat of drum;
It is now up to thee to win or lose the battle of life.
(Kabirji, Bhairo Rag)

2. Meet you the Lord of the universe, For now is the time,
After several births you have attained the human body,
Lose not this chance.

(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

3. Cursed be eating, cursed be sleep,
Cursed be the wearing of clothes,
Cursed be the body and cursed be the family,
If one attaineth not God in this birth;
For, if once this rare chance is lost,
The very purpose of life is wasted.
(Guru V, Bilawal Rag)

4. Having gained a body this time,
A rare opportunity to meet the Lord.

This is your opportunity to meet the Lord.
Your other pursuits will be of no avail at the end.
Seek the company of holy men,
And learn to meditate on God.
Set your mind on crossing the sea of life;
Life is being wasted away,
In pursuits of sensual pleasures.
(Guru V, Asa Rag)

5. O man, you have come to earn profit, But how vainly are you engaged!
While the night of life is passing away.
(Guru V, Ads Rag)

6. Having wandered through eighty-four lacs of species,
Have obtained this precious human life,
Nanak, remember the Lord's Name,
For, the days are numbered.
(Guru V, SriRag)

7. Thou comest into this life to dwell upon the One alone,
But, being born, thou wert enticed away by Maya.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

8. Go, call on the Guru For, the life wears off each day, each night:
And fulfil thy destiny.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

9. The man was a guest For a brief sojourn on this earth to fulfil his purpose;
But he was lost in Maya and lust, And realized not his main object.
(Guru V, Sri Rag)

10. Thy first part of the night of life, Passeth in fruitless pursuits, The second part in deep sleep; In the third part thou wastest thyself away,
And in the fourth part, the day of death comes; Thou rememberest not the One who gave thee body and life.
(Guru V, Sri Rag)

Quotations from Adi Granth :Society


1. He will repent Who keeps the company of the evil-doers.
(Guru I, Prabhati Rag)

2. In the company of bad people, One faces great sorrows.
(Guru III, Maru Rag)

3. The body is full of lust and anger; The company of godly men renders it pure.
(Guru IV, Gauri Rag)

4. The society of saints removes all sins.
( Guru V, GauriRag)

5. The society of saints secures comforts, In this world and the next.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

6. That is the society I crave for, Wherein the Name of the One is remembered.
(Guru I, Sri Rag)

7. Seek the company in which the glory of the Lord is sung and the Creator is contemplated;
In that company chant his glory and remember the Creator.
(Guru I, Gauri Rag)

8. Those who have found the society of the holy persons,
Are dyed fast with the love of the Supreme Being;
They are freed from all fetters and chains;
With devotion they worship the Lord,
Their eyes are pleased with the sight of the Lord,

Their tongues praise the Lord in all His manifestation.
With the Guru's Grace, their thirst is extinguished.
In the love of the Lord, their hearts feel fully satisfied.
Thy servant serves the Lord in His glory,
Who is the Primeval Being, the Highest of the high.
(Guru V, Basant Rag)

9. It is by great good fortune,
That one gets the society of the God-loving;
Unfortunate people grope about in doubt anddarkness;
The society of the truthful cannot be obtained without good fortune,
And without such society, man lives in impurity.
( Guru IV, Majh Rag)

10. True society is the school of the True Guru,
Whefrein we learn to love God,
And admire his greatness.
(Guru IV, Kanara Rag)

11. How can we know of true society?
Wherein the lovers of truth hold communion with Lord alone.
(Guru I, Sri Rag)

12. True society is the treasury of Divine Nam, Where we meet God.
(Guru I, Sarang Rag)

13. The dirt of egoism of ages which has soiled the soul,
Will be removed only in the society of the holy.
Just as iron floats when tied to timber,

So will one cross the ocean of life by following
The Guru's word in the company of saints.
(Guru IV, Kanara Rag)

14. O Lord, be so merciful and kind,
That I pass my days in the society of the saints;
For, they who forsake Thee,
Are born to die over and over again,
And never get rid of worries and grief.
(Guru V, Ramkali Rag)

Quotations from Adi Granth: Exertion


1. In this universe that I behold,
What can a man get without exertion?
(Guru I, Japji)

2. Finish your task. With your own effort.
(Guru I, Asa Rag)

3. Earn your living With your own efforts,
Thus you will obtain happiness.
(Guru V, Suhi Rag)

4. Earn your living
With your own efforts,
Thus you will obtain happiness.
(Guru V, Suhi Rag)

5. The knowledge of God cannot be obtained by mere talk,
Talk will not assist in understanding the divine essence.
(Guru I, Asa Rag)

6. Look to the future, And cast no glance behind.
(Guru V, Maru Rag)

7. Kabir, what you have to do tomorrow, Do it today;
What you have to do today, do it right now.
(Kabirji, Shlokas)

Quotations from Adi Granth :Stealing


1. He, who restores a thing to its rightful owner,
And obeys God's command willingly,
Shall be blessed with four times the reward.
Guru V, Gauri Rag

2. Nobody can take responsibility for a thief;
How can any action of a thief be good?
Guru I, Dhanasri Rag

3. If I have committed theft and gained something,
I have gained dishonour in this world and the next;

4. My life has gone waste.
Guru I, Gauri Rag

5. Nanak, what rightly belongs to others is forbidden,

6. As beef to a Hindu and pork to a Muslim
Guru I, Majh Rag

7. God is not pleased with His praise by a thief.
Guru I, Dhanasri Rag

8. The thief, the immoral person and the gambler,
Are crushed in a crusher.
Guru I, Malhar Rag

9. The thief breaks open the houses of other people,

10. He commits the crime in order to satisfy his greed;

11. He masters that black art,
Which gets him a bad name in the other world.
Ramanandji, Sarang Rag

Quotations from Adi Granth :Renunciation


1. The true Guru is so magnanimous,
That the disciple attains salvation,
While living among his kith and kin
(Guru I, Dhanasri Rag)

2. O Renouncer!
Renunciation of luxury, anger and lust is praiseworthy.
(Guru V, Maru Rag)

3. O slave! You desert your home in ignorance,
And then you knock at the doors of others.
(Guru I, Maru Rag)

4. Always look up to the Highest, living among your kith and kin,
Like the lotus that stands above its roots which are in mud.
(Guru IV, Maru Rag)

5. If we wander about in this world, Wearing all kinds of garbs,
While the mind commiteth sin; We die to be born again,
O my mind, keep thyself detached while living
among thy kith and kin.
(Guru III, Sri Rag)

6. My house, my wealth and my everything is blessed,
If I sing God's glory.
(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

7. The True One resides inside, Yet man seeks Him in the jungle.
(Guru III, Majh Rag)

8. This is not Yoga, O Yogi! Forsaking your family, You go to the houses of others.
(Guru III, Ramkali Rag)

9. Vexed by hardships, he runs away from his home,
He leaves his own land and goes to another,
But he takes the five evils with him.
His ears are torn and he begsfor the bread,
He begs from door to door and is never satisfied.
Having forsaken his own wife,
He looks at other women with lustful eyes;
God is not realized by mere guise,
One feels highly miserable.
(Guru V, Prabhati Rag)

10. Why dost thou go to the forest in search of God?
He lives in all and is yet ever distinct;
He abides with thee too,
As fragrance dwells in a flower,
And reflection in a mirror;
So does God dwell inside everything;
Seek Him, therefore, in thy heart.
(Guru IX, Dhansri Rag)

11. Abondoning home, one may go to the forest,
One may live on roots and wild fruits,
But so vicious is the mind,
That it forsakes not evil still.
(Kabirji, Bilawal Rag)

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