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Sikhs in 1900s

Famous Sikhs Personalities

Biographies of Famous Sikh Personalities

In this section you will read about the biographies of modern Sikh personalities. Sikhs who have protected the Khalsa from the onslaught of other beliefs. Philosophers Sikhs who translate books, publish articles, articulate the meanings of Gurbani and explain Sikhism to others were and are essential to the existence of Khalsa. Starting from the Guru Nanak dev ji itself, Philosopher Gur Sikhs like Bhai Bala Sandhu, Bhai Gurdas, Baba Buddha ji, Bhai Mani Singh, and in modern context Bhagat Puran Singh ji (Pingalwara), Bhai Vir Singh ji, Dr. Ganda Singh, and other hundreds of thousands of Philosopher Sikhs have kept the Khalsa up in high spirits.

 In this section we concentrate on those Khalsa who have excelled in their work and have brought laurels to Sikhism and Khalsa itself.

Biographies of Famous Sikh Personalities



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