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Gurus Family Members

Family Members of Guru Sahiban

 Guru Sahiban’s Family Members

The ‘family’ is the basic ‘atomic’ structure and essential social unit in Sikhism; it is the common unit which collectively forms communities. The family is the strong and noble Sikh core institution which has been promoted since the time of Guru Nanak. It was this social unit which was most important for all the Sikh Gurus who preached the ‘life of a house-holder’ rather than the ‘life of renunciation’ which was prevalent in other cultures of the time. All the Sikh Gurus were members of the ‘family unit’; all adult Sikh Gurus were married while the eighth Sikh Guru, Guru Harkrishan was a ‘bala’ or “child Guru”.

The Gurus believed that the family unit through procreation ensures the continuation and existence of healthy societies; without the ‘family unit’ there is risk to the future of secure societies. In addition, the family has economic and educational functions to perform; so when family life runs in a smooth and happy manner, it creates a strong engine where societies and communities can prosper and flourish in a safe and secure environment. A strong ‘family unit system’ ensures a successful biological, economical and spiritual future of human societies!

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