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Browne, Major James

Browne, Major James
Eighteenth Century Officer and Writer

James Browne was born about the year 1744 and joined the East India Company’s army in 1765 as a cadet at the age of 21. He was commissioned as Ensign on November 10, 1765, became a lieutenant on May 2, 1767, and a captain on June 30, 1771. In 1772, he attracted the attention of Warren Hastings and was appointed his aide-de-camp. In that capacity his relations with Warren Hastings became cordial and he reposed full confidence in him. He was appointed collector of the Jungle Terai districts in 1774 and served there for six years. He also saw active service from 1777 with the 14th Battalion Sepoys (formerly 24th) in the Maratha wars in the Gohad district. On January 19, 1781, he was promoted to the rank of Major.

Source: Ganda Singh, Patiala, April 30, 1960

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