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Early Gursikhs

Bhai Paro


Bhai Paro

Bhai Paro, a Julka Khatri of the village of Dalla, in presentday Kapurthala district of the Punjab, received initiation at the hands of Guru Angad and became known for his piety and dedication. An epithet commonly used for him was paramhans, swan perfect, i.e. one who has achieved the highest spiritual state. When Guru Amar Das succeeded Guru Angad and made Goindval his permanent seat, Bhai Paro made a custom of crossing the River Beas on horseback daily to see the Guru.

Many, including some Muslims of rank, were inspired by him to embrace the Sikh faith. Bhai Paro died at his village, Dalla. As the end approached, he gave away in charily all his belongings except his favourite horse which, he said, must be presented to the Guru after his death. Guru Amar Das sent his son, Mohri, to Dalla to condole with the family upon the passing away of Bhai Paro. Bhai Paro’s family became related to the Guru when one of his descendants, Narain Das, gave his daughter in marriage to Guru Hargobind.

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