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Early Gursikhs

Early Gursikhs : Bhai Jiva

Bhai Jiva, a Sikh living near Khadur Sahib in Amritsar district of the Punjab, who used to bring daily khichan (a dish of rice mixed with lentils) and curds for Guru Angad’s I an gar or community kitchen. One evening as a severe dust storm was raging, he, according to Bhai Mani Singh, Sikhdn di Bhagat Mala, said to the Guru, "May it please you, Lord, to stop this storm so that I may be able to bring the usual victuals tomorrow morning." The Guru remarked: "God’s Will is supreme and no one may try to intervene in it. How does it matter if the meal gets delayed a little." BhaiJiva bowed before the Guru and learnt cheerfully to abide by the Divine Will.


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