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Great Sikh Women

Bibi Viro

Bibi Viro

Bibi Viro ji was daughter of Guru Hargobind ( 1595-1644) and Mata Oamodan, was born at Amritsar on ll July 1615. She was married to Bhai Sadhu, son of Bhai Dharma, a Khosla Khatri of the village of Malla. She was deeply religious and as well as a warrior in the mould of her Brother like Tyag Mall (Guru Tegh Bahadur).
The nuptials were performed on 94 May 1699 at Jhabal, 15 km southwest of Amritsar. She was the mother of five sons, Sango Shah, Jit Mall, Gulab Chand, Mahri Chand and Galiga Ram. She raised them very well and with deep Sikh values. All the five sons took part in a battle fought on 18 September 1688, between Guru Gobind Singh and Raja Fateh Shah of Srinagar ( Garhval) at Bhangani, 11 km from Paonta, in the present Sirmur district of Himachal Pradesh, Sango Shah and Jit Mall dying in action.

Article taken from these book.
Encyclopedia of Sikhism edited by Harbans Singh ji.


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