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Bhai Jai Ram

Bhai Jai Ram

Bhai Jai Ram(d. 1518) was the brother-in-law of Guru Nanak and a trusted official at the court of Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi at Sultanpur, in present-day Kapurthala district of the Punjab. He was married to Bibi Nanaki, daughter of Kalian Chand and sister of Guru Nanak, in 1475 at Talvandi Rai Bhoi. Guru Nanak stayed with them for several years at Sultanpur, where Bhai Jai Ram had secured for him appointment as the Nawab’s modi or storekeeper. Bhai Jai Ram, though much senior to Guru Nanak in age, respected the latter for his piety and considered himself blessed for being related to him. Guru Nanak was present at Sultanpur Lodhi in 1518 when Bhai Jai Ram died just three days after the death of his wife, Nanaki. The couple had been childless.


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