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Gurus Family Members

Suraj Mall


Suraj Mall

Suraj Mall, son of Guru Hargobind, was born to Mata Maha Devi Marvahi, at Amritsar on 9 June 1617. He was married on 23 April 1629 to Khem Kaur daughter of Bhai Prem Chand of Kartarpur, in presentday Jalandhar district of the Punjab. A son, Dip Chand, was born to them in 1633. Suraj Mall’s death followed that of his mother, Mata Marvahi, in 1645. Dip Chand had two sons, Gulab Rai (b. 1660) and Shyam Chand (b. 1662), who receivedthe rites of Khalsa and became Gulab Singh and Shyam Singh, respectively. The Sodhis of Anandpur are descendants of the latter.

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