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Punjab Martyrs

Martyrs of Punjab-C

CHADAR SINGH : b.v. Khariyan, p.o. Bhattar, dL Hissar; was sepoy in ).A. in H.K.S.R.A.; joined LN.A. as sepoy in 2nd Guerrilla Reg.; sic killed in action.
CHAIN : p. Sham Sings; b.v. Jhingcr, L Nawanshahr, dL JuUundur, Joined I.N.A. in 1942 and served with die Azad Brig.; fought action on the Imphal Front and was killed.
CHAMAN l AL : p. Sundar Dass; b. 1913, Barar Subanian. Antritsar; was killed in tiring at Jallianwala Bagh, Amritaar on 13 ApriL 1919.
CHANAN : p. Bhagat Ram; b. I. & dt. Ansritsu; was killed in firing at Jallirrnsaja Bah, Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.
CIIA.”AN : b. 1999. Kucha Patch waliaa- Amritsar; was killed in firing at

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