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Sikh Warriors

52nd Sikhs Frontier Force

52nd Sikhs Frontier Force


Brief History

Although this unit was called the 2nd Regiment of Sikhs for most of its life until 1903, it was from the beginning, in 1846, composed almost entirely of Dogras enlisted for the first time in the army of the East India Comany. Together with a few Pathans and Gurkhas, it was this make-up that promted its title of Hill Corps.

The regiment served with distinction in the Second Afghan War as part of the Punjab Frontier Force. In the First World War they were in India and Mesopotamia and in WW2 they were captured in Malaya by the Japanese in February 1942.

Principal Campaigns and Battles
  • Punjab : 1878 – 80
  • Afghanistan : 1880
  • Ahmed Khel : 1880
  • Kandahar
Predecessor Units
  • 2nd Regiment of the Frontier Force
    (1846 – 1847)
  • 2nd (or Hill) Sikh Local Infantry
    (1847 – 1857)
  • 2nd (or Hill) Sikh Infantry, Punjab Irregular Force
    (1857 – 1865)
  • 2nd (or Hill) Sikh Infantry, Punjab Frontier Force
    (1865 – 1901)
  • 2nd (or Hill) Sikh Infantry
    (1901 – 1903)
Successor Units

2nd/12th Frontier Force Regiment
(1922 – 1947)

Post-Independence Fate

To Pakistan


courtesy: The British Empire


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