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Wg. Cmdr. Mohanbir Singh Talwar

Wg. Cmdr. Mohanbir Singh Talwar

Wg. Cdr. Talwar was the Commanding Officer of No.5 “Tuskers” Squadron flying the Canberra Bomber. Wg. Cdr Talwar led five day and night bombing missions against very heavily defended enemy targets within the first 10 days of operations during the Bangladesh War of 1971.

On one of these missions, he inflicted very severe damage to the Pakistani Air Force installations at Sargodha. In a daylight mission in the Chhamb area, in support of the army, he attacked four enemy gun positions near the Munawar Tawi river and effectively silenced three of them, thereby facilitating the advance of our troops in a difficult terrain. Both these targets were heavily defended ; the latter was close to an enemy fighter base from where interception was also likely. Despite this, the officer pressed home his attacks with great determination and much success.

His conduct was an inspiration to the crews of the other aircraft which he was leading. The bold leadership, tenacity of purpose, flying skill and bravery displayed by Wing Commander Talwar were largely responsible for the many success’s of his squadron.

Courtesy © Sandeep Singh “www.sikh-history.com “


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