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Gurudwaras in India

Gurdwara Parimpillian, Uri

Gurdwara Parimpillian, Uri

Guru Ji proceeded to Uri via village Khatnayar, Peernian and stayed near Sultan Dhaki. A plate of stone is still preserved in Gurdwara, on which five Muslim faqirs (viz: peer Gulsher, per Bhur Sultan, Peer Rangi Iman, Peer Noor Nihal and Peer Abdul Gaffoor) had religious discourses with Guru Ji. At the end, Guru Ji proceeded towards ‘Dolanga’ village. The foot prints of Guru Ji’s horse is still preserved near ‘Dolanga’ site.

In 1936-37 A.D., a small Gurdwara was constructed by the devotees of Slamabad Dardkot etc. S. Narian Singh of Slamabad, S. Gurmukh Singh. S. Damodar Singh engineer and other Gursikhs helped in the construction. Sahajdhari Sikhs, Brahmans and Muslim sayeeds visited regularly to Gurdwara for blessings, Gopal Singh Granthi of Chandanwari traveled 20 Kms daily to perform duties of Granthi Singh regularly. Baisakhi and Guru Hargobind Sahib’s birthday are celebrated with great enthusiasm. A small bridge constructed on the river Jehlum in 1970-71, connects the Gurdwara.


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