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Gurudwaras in India

Gurudwara Dasvin Patshahi – Nadaun –Distt. Kangra


Gurudwara Dasvin Patshahi – Nadaun –Distt. Kangra

Nadaun is in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Here a holy shrine stands in memory of Guru Gobind Singh. He fought a pitched battle here,against Alif Khan the Mughal C6mmander-in-Chief, sent by Viceroy of Jammu to collect arrears of tribute from hill Rajas in 1687. Alif Khan was defeated. The Guru stayed for 8 days in Nadaun, on the bank of the river Beas.

Nadaun is a town along the Una-Amb-Kangra road, about 30 kilometers from Kangra and 70 kilometers from Una. It was the scene of a battle in which Guru Gobind Singh took part to assist Raja Bhim Chand of Kahlur and some other hill chiefs against the Mughal general Alif Khan. The battle was fought on 20th March 1691. The memorial shrine west of the town on the bank of Beas River is called Gurdwara Dasvin Patshahi. Its present building, a square domed room, was constructed by Rai Bahadur Wasakha Singh in 1929. It was taken over by the S.G.P.C. in 1935 and is administered by it through a local committee.


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