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Gurudwaras in Pakistan

Grave of Hazrat Hamza Ghaus at Sialkot City


Grave of Hazrat Hamza Ghaus at Sialkot City

A small graveyard is located at a distance of about 400 meters from Gurdwara Baba Bair Sahib inside Mohalla Baba Bair. There are two graves on a raised platform, one grave covered with a simple cloth is the grave of Hazrat Hamza Ghaus while the other belongs to his disciple. There is a high building with a dome in the right corner facing the entrance. This was his meditating place. Just beside the door are the stairs that lead to the roof. The dome on the roof has four doors but there are no steps to reach these doors. The doors are about four feet above the roof. Inside the door four sloped catwalks have been built which meet at the centre of the dome. Only one person can sit here. This is the place for meditation. The dome is open at the centre. The light can come in but not the rain. This is a priceless monument which is now in the process of decay.


Text and photographs:Historical Sikh Shrines in Pakistan : Iqbal Qaiser


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