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Gurudwaras in Pakistan

Gurudwara Gurusar,Rehsema Distt Sialkot


Gurudwara Gurusar,Rehsema Distt Sialkot

This shrine of Hargobind Ji called Gurusar is located at Rehsema village of Sialkot district. Once there used to be a tank of Guru Ji at a distance of half a kilometer from village. It is said that the pond was dry when Guru Dev Ji arrived at the place and Sat Gur made the water ooze out of the earth by throwing his lance. There was a Gurdwara and Prakash of Guru Granth Sahib Ji used to be
The sacred pond has been levelled now and Gurdwara has been occupied by people.


Text and photographs:Historical Sikh Shrines in Pakistan : Iqbal Qaiser


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