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Gurudwaras in Pakistan

Gurudwara Nanaksar at Pakpattan City


Gurudwara Nanaksar at Pakpattan City

The sacred shrine in the outskirts of the old city is related with Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This locality is known as Samadhan. There used to be a shrine at the spot where Sat Gur Nanak Dev Ji had stayed whose priests were Udasi Sadhus. There are countless samadhs of Sacihus all around the Gurdwara and hence it came to be called "Samadhan". Thousands of ghumaon of land is endowed to this shrine. The Gurdwara and Samadhs have now vanished. There is Baba Farid Ganjshakar College at this place now. This college was housed in the Gurdwara before the construction of its new building which has been built after demolishing the Gurdwara but its tank has been saved as a relic.


Text and photographs:Historical Sikh Shrines in Pakistan : Iqbal Qaiser


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