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Gurudwaras in Pakistan

Mazar Sain Mian Mir ji at Lahore

Mazar Sain Mian Mir ji at Lahore

Sain Mian Mir Ji, whose real name was Mir Mohammad, was popularly called Mian Mir. He was born at Sevastan (Sindh) in 1531 AD. He spent most of his life in Lahore. Fifth Patshah Sat G u r Arjun Dev Ji got the foundation stone of Harmandir Sahib laid by Mian Mir on 1st Magh, Samvat 1647 (3rd January 1588 AD). Mian Mir raised slogans to mourn the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev. He never accepted any gift sent by Emperor Jehangir, Emperor Shah Jehan, their Ministers and nobles. Moghal Prince Dara Shikoh was his disciple.

He died on 17th Rabiulawwal 1045 Hijri and according to his will was buried beside Mian Natha Ji who was one of his bosom friends.

Prince Dara Shikoh built a grand tomb over the grave which is gracefully standing to date. The construction of the tomb was in progress when Aurangzeb occupied the throne. He removed the red stone brought by Dara Shikoh for the construction of the tomb and used them in building Badshahi Mosque of Lahore (It faces the Lahore fort). Thus Mian Mir’s tomb could not he built according to the wishes of Dara Shikoh. At the command of Maharaja Ranjit Singh the tomb was repaired, renovated and Rs. 500 were granted from the royal exchequer. Maharaja used to come’ to the fair every year and made large contributions. A fair is held every year and it is now with Auqaf Department.


Text and photographs:Historical Sikh Shrines in Pakistan : Iqbal Qaiser

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