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Gurudwaras in Iran

Gurudwaras in Iran

Sikh Temple Teheran, Iran
The gurudwara was founded in 1941 by Bhai Ganga Singh Sabha Teheran. Religious celebrations include morning and evening prayers,Guru-Ka-Langer every Friday after the Akhand Path. Community services include establishment of a school, teaching of Punjabi
and Dharmik (Divinity) forms an integral part of the curriculum. There are about 800 members of the sikh community in the area.

Address: Avenue Hedayat, Avenue Tonkabon,
Opp. Iran Hospital, Post Box 11365-557,
Teheran (Iran)
Phone: 305 125

Gurdwara Sahib
P.O. Box 11365-8417
Gurdwara Sahib,
Zahidan, Baluchistan

Gurudwara Pehli Patshahi (Mashhad)

MASH-HAD – It is an historic town of Iran. Famous philosopher Firdausi and Al Ghazali were born in this town. Muslim Shiaite Khalifa Harun Al Rashid died in this town. Guru Nanak Sahib and Bhai Mardana visited this town on their way from Mecca and Baghdad in 1519-20

Gurudwara Pehli Patshahi (Bushehr)

A port of Iran visited by Guru Nanak Sahib during his visit to Mecca (Saudi Arabia) during his tour of Mecca in 1519-20


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