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Narinder Singh, Maharaja

Ruler of Patiala (1824-1862)

Born at Patiala on 26 November 1824, succeeded his father, Maharaja Karam Singh, to the. Patiala throne on 18 January 1846. Narinder Singh aided the British with supplies and carriage during the first Anglo-Sikh war and was rewarded with additional estates, especially from Nabha territory. After the annexation of the Sikh State of Lahore to the British dominions in March 1849, the Patiala ruler was generally acknowledged as a spokesman for the Sikh community. Maharaja Narinder Singh cemented his alliance with the British by his ready support of guns, carriage, loans and troops during the uprising of 1857. Once again he was rewarded with estates and with new titles and honours. He received the grant of Narnaul division of the Jhajjar territory valued at 2,00,000 rupees. He was invested with the Order of the Star of India on 6 November 1861 and, in 1862, he was made a member of the Viceroy's Legislative Council.

Maharaja Narinder Singh was a great builder and also a patron of art and literature. He set up in 1861 a seat in Patiala for Nirmala Sikhs known as Dharam Dhuja. He also raised a gurdwara outside of Motibagh Palace commemorating Guru Tegh Bahadur's visit.
Narinder Singh died at Patiala on 13 November 1862 after a short illness and was succeeded by his ten-year-old son, Mohinder Singh.

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