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Nand Singh

A Babar Revolutionary (1895-1926)

Was born in 1895 at the village of Ghurial, in Jalandhar district. He lost his father, Ganga Singh, in his early childhood and was brought up by an elder brother. He was married at the age of fifteen and worked as a carpenter in his own village until he left for Basra, in Iraq, in search of a better living. While he was in Basra, he was deeply moved by events in the Punjab such as the Jallianvala Bagh tragedy and the Nankana Sahib massacre. Resolved to dedicate himself to the cause of Gurdwara reform, he returned to India and was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for participating in Guru ka Bagh agitation. The atrocity perpetrated on peaceful Akali volunteers had embittered his heart and he decided to renounce non-violence in favour of violence. He joined the radical Babar Akali Jatha and encompassed the murder, on 17 April 1923, of Subadar Genda Singh of his own village. The Subadar had incurred the displeasure of the Babar Akalis by acting as an informer against the group and against the Akalis of the area. Nand Singh was arrested five days after the murder. He was awarded death sentence and was hanged, with Kishan Singh Gargajj, leader of the Babar Akali movement, on 27 February 1926.

Source: TheSikhEncyclopedia.Com

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