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Anand Sahib Pauree 21-24

jy ko isKu gurU syqI snmuKu hovY ]

jay ko sikh guroo saytee sanmukh hovai.

If a Sikh turns to the Guru with sincere faith, as sunmukh

hovY q snmuKu isKu koeI jIAhu rhY gur nwly ]

hovai ta sanmukh sikh ko-ee jee-ahu rahai gur naalay.

- if a Sikh turns to the Guru with sincere faith, as sunmukh, his soul abides with the Guru.

gur ky crn ihrdY iDAwey AMqr AwqmY smwly ]

gur kay charan hirdai Dhi-aa-ay antar aatmai samaalay.

Within his heart, he meditates on the lotus feet of the Guru; deep within his soul, he contemplates Him.

Awpu Cif sdw rhY prxY gur ibnu Avru n jwxY koey ]

aap chhad sadaa rahai parnai gur bin avar na jaanai ko-ay.

Renouncing selfishness and conceit, he remains always on the side of the Guru; he does not know anyone except the Guru.

khY nwnku suxhu sMqhu so isKu snmuKu hoey ]21]

kahai naanak sunhu santahu so sikh sanmukh ho-ay. ||21||

Says Nanak, listen, O Saints: such a Sikh turns toward the Guru with sincere faith, and becomes sunmukh. ||21||

jy ko gur qy vymuKu hovY ibnu siqgur mukiq n pwvY ]

jay ko gur tay vaimukh hovai bin satgur mukat na paavai.

One who turns away from the Guru, and becomes baymukh - without the True Guru, he shall not find liberation.

pwvY mukiq n hor QY koeI puChu ibbykIAw jwey ]

paavai mukat na hor thai ko-ee puchhahu bibaykee-aa jaa-ay.

He shall not find liberation anywhere else either; go and ask the wise ones about this.

Anyk jUnI Brim AwvY ivxu siqgur mukiq n pwey ]

anayk joonee bharam aavai vin satgur mukat na paa-ay.

He shall wander through countless incarnations; without the True Guru, he shall not find liberation.

iPir mukiq pwey lwig crxI siqgurU sbdu suxwey ]

fir mukat paa-ay laag charnee satguroo sabad sunaa-ay.

But liberation is attained, when one is attached to the feet of the True Guru, chanting the Word of the Shabad.

khY nwnku vIcwir dyKhu ivxu siqgur mukiq n pwey ]22]

kahai naanak veechaar daykhhu vin satgur mukat na paa-ay. ||22||

Says Nanak, contemplate this and see, that without the True Guru, there is no liberation. ||22||

Awvhu isK siqgurU ky ipAwirho gwvhu scI bwxI ]

aavhu sikh satguroo kay pi-aariho gaavhu sachee banee.

Come, O beloved Sikhs of the True Guru, and sing the True Word of His Bani.

bwxI q gwvhu gurU kyrI bwxIAw isir bwxI ]

banee ta gaavhu guroo kayree baanee-aa sir banee.

Sing the Guru's Bani, the supreme Word of Words.

ijn kau ndir krmu hovY ihrdY iqnw smwxI ]

jin ka-o nadar karam hovai hirdai tinaa samaanee.

Those who are blessed by the Lord's Glance of Grace - their hearts are imbued with this Bani.

pIvhu AMimRqu sdw rhhu hir rMig jiphu swirgpwxI ]

peevhu amrit sadaa rahhu har rang japihu saarigpaanee.

Drink in this Ambrosial Nectar, and remain in the Lord's Love forever; meditate on the Lord, the Sustainer of the world.

khY nwnku sdw gwvhu eyh scI bwxI ]23]

kahai naanak sadaa gaavhu ayh sachee banee. ||23||

Says Nanak, sing this True Bani forever. ||23||

siqgurU ibnw hor kcI hY bwxI ]

satguroo binaa hor kachee hai banee.

Without the True Guru, other songs are false.

bwxI q kcI siqgurU bwJhu hor kcI bwxI ]

banee ta kachee satguroo baajhahu hor kachee banee.

The songs are false without the True Guru; all other songs are false.

khdy kcy suxdy kcy kc^ØI AwiK vKwxI ]

kahday kachay sunday kachay kacheeN aakh vakhaanee.

The speakers are false, and the listeners are false; those who speak and recite are false.

hir hir inq krih rsnw kihAw kCU n jwxI ]

har har nit karahi rasnaa kahi-aa kachhoo na jaanee.

They may continually chant, 'Har, Har' with their tongues, but they do not know what they are saying.

icqu ijn kw ihir lieAw mwieAw bolin pey rvwxI ]

chit jin kaa hir la-i-aa maa-i-aa bolan pa-ay ravaanee.

Their consciousness is lured by Maya; they are just reciting mechanically.

khY nwnku siqgurU bwJhu hor kcI bwxI ]24]

kahai naanak satguroo baajhahu hor kachee banee. ||24||

Says Nanak, without the True Guru, other songs are false. ||24||

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