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Anand Sahib Pauree 5-8

vwjy pMc sbd iqqu Gir sBwgY ]

vaajay panch sabad tit ghar sabhaagai.

The Panch Shabad, the five primal sounds, vibrate in that blessed house.

Gir sBwgY sbd vwjy klw ijqu Gir DwrIAw ]

ghar sabhaagai sabad vaajay kalaa jit ghar Dhaaree-aa.

In that blessed house, the Shabad vibrates; He infuses His almighty power into it.

pMc dUq quDu vis kIqy kwlu kMtku mwirAw ]

panch doot tuDh vas keetay kaal kantak maari-aa.

Through You, we subdue the five demons of desire, and slay Death, the torturer.

Duir krim pwieAw quDu ijn kau is nwim hir kY lwgy ]

Dhur karam paa-i-aa tuDh jin ka-o se naam har kai laagay.

Those who have such pre-ordained destiny are attached to the Lord's Name.

khY nwnku qh suKu hoAw iqqu Gir Anhd vwjy ]5]

kahai naanak tah sukh ho-aa tit ghar anhad vaajay. ||5||

Says Nanak, they are at peace, and the unstruck sound current vibrates within their homes. ||5||

swcI ilvY ibnu dyh inmwxI ]

saachee livai bin dayh nimaanee.

Without the true love of devotion, the body is without honor.

dyh inmwxI ilvY bwJhu ikAw kry vycwrIAw ]

dayh nimaanee livai baajhahu ki-aa karay vaychaaree-aa.

The body is dishonored without devotional love; what can the poor wretches do?

quDu bwJu smrQ koie nwhI ik®pw kir bnvwrIAw ]

tuDh baajh samrath ko-ay naahee kirpaa kar banvaaree-aa.

No one except You is all-powerful; please bestow Your Mercy, O Lord of all nature.

eys nau horu Qwau nwhI sbid lwig svwrIAw ]

ays na-o hor thaa-o naahee sabad laag savaaree-aa.

There is no place of rest, other than the Name; attached to the Shabad, we are embellished with beauty.

khY nwnku ilvY bwJhu ikAw kry vycwrIAw ]6]

kahai naanak livai baajhahu ki-aa karay vaychaaree-aa. ||6||

Says Nanak, without devotional love, what can the poor wretches do? ||6||

Awnµdu Awnµdu sBu ko khY Awnµdu gurU qy jwixAw ]

aanand aanand sabh ko kahai aanand guroo tay jaani-aa.

Bliss, bliss - everyone talks of bliss; bliss is known only through the Guru.

jwixAw Awnµdu sdw gur qy ik®pw kry ipAwirAw ]

jaani-aa aanand sadaa gur tay kirpaa karay pi-aari-aa.

Eternal bliss in known only through the Guru, when the Beloved Lord grants His Grace.

kir ikrpw iklivK kty igAwn AMjnu swirAw ]

kar kirpaa kilvikh katay gi-aan anjan saari-aa.

Granting His Grace, He cuts away our sins; He blesses us with the healing ointment of spiritual wisdom.

AMdrhu ijn kw mohu qutw iqn kw sbdu scY svwirAw ]

andrahu jin kaa moh tutaa tin kaa sabad sachai savaari-aa.

Those who eradicate attachment from within themselves, are adorned with the Shabad, the Word of the True Lord.

khY nwnku eyhu Anµdu hY Awnµdu gur qy jwixAw ]7]

kahai naanak ayhu anand hai aanand gur tay jaani-aa. ||7||

Says Nanak, this alone is bliss - bliss which is known through the Guru. ||7||

bwbw ijsu qU dyih soeI jnu pwvY ]

baabaa jis too deh so-ee jan paavai.

O Baba, he alone receives it, unto whom You give it.

pwvY q so jnu dyih ijs no hoir ikAw krih vycwirAw ]

paavai ta so jan deh jis no hor ki-aa karahi vaychaari-aa.

He alone receives it, unto whom You give it; what can the other poor wretched beings do?

ieik Brim BUly iPrih dh idis ieik nwim lwig svwirAw ]

ik bharam bhoolay fireh dah dis ik naam laag savaari-aa.

Some are deluded by doubt, wandering in the ten directions; some are adorned with attachment to the Naam.

gur prswdI mnu BieAw inrmlu ijnw Bwxw Bwvey ]

gur parsaadee man bha-i-aa nirmal jinaa bhaanaa bhaav-ay.

By Guru's Grace, the mind becomes immaculate and pure, for those who follow God's Will.

khY nwnku ijsu dyih ipAwry soeI jnu pwvey ]8]

kahai naanak jis deh pi-aaray so-ee jan paav-ay. ||8||

Says Nanak, he alone receives it, unto whom You give it, O Beloved Lord. ||8||

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