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Asa di Vaar: :Pauri 24

pauVI ] (475-8)



vfy kIAw vifAweIAw ikCu khxw khxu n jwie ] (475-9, Awsw, mÚ 2)

vaday kee-aa vadi-aa-ee-aa kichh kahnaa kahan na jaa-ay.

The description of the greatness of the Great Lord cannot be described.

so krqw kwdr krImu dy jIAw irjku sMbwih ] (475-9, Awsw, mÚ 2)

so kartaa kaadar kareem day jee-aa rijak sambaahi.

He is the Creator, all-lowerful and benevolent; He gives sustenance to all beings.

sweI kwr kmwvxI Duir CofI iqMnY pwie ] (475-10, Awsw, mÚ 2)

saa-ee kaar kamaavnee Dhur chhodee tinnai paa-ay.

The mortal does that work, which has been pre-destined from the very beginning.

nwnk eykI bwhrI hor dUjI nwhI jwie ] (475-10, Awsw, mÚ 2)

naanak aykee baahree hor doojee naahee jaa-ay.

O Nanak, except for the One Lord, there is no other place at all.

so kry ij iqsY rjwie ]24]1] suDu (475-10, Awsw, mÚ 2)

so karay je tisai rajaa-ay. ||24||1|| suDhu

He does whatever He wills. ||24||1|| Sudh|| will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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