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Baarah Maahaa : Jayt'h


hir jyiT juVMdw loVIAY ijsu AgY siB invMin ]

har jayth jurhandaa lorhee-ai jis agai sabh nivann.

In the month of Jayt'h, the bride longs to meet with the Lord. All bow in humility before Him.

hir sjx dwvix ligAw iksY n dyeI bMin ]

har sajan daavan lagi-aa kisai na day-ee bann.

One who has grasped the hem of the robe of the Lord, the True Friend-no one can keep him in bondage.

mwxk moqI nwmu pRB aun lgY nwhI sMin ]

maanak motee naam parabh un lagai naahee sann.

God's Name is the Jewel, the Pearl. It cannot be stolen or taken away.

rMg sBy nwrwiexY jyqy min BwvMin ]

rang sabhay naaraa-inai jaytay man bhaavann.

In the Lord are all pleasures which please the mind.

jo hir loVy so kry soeI jIA krMin ]

jo har lorhay so karay so-ee jee-a karann.

As the Lord wishes, so He acts, and so His creatures act.

jo pRiB kIqy Awpxy syeI khIAih DMin ]

jo parabh keetay aapnay say-ee kahee-ahi Dhan.

They alone are called blessed, whom God has made His Own.

Awpx lIAw jy imlY ivCuiV ikau rovMin ]

aapan lee-aa jay milai vichhurh ki-o rovann.

If people could meet the Lord by their own efforts, why would they be crying out in the pain of separation?

swDU sMgu prwpqy nwnk rMg mwxMin ]

saaDhoo sang paraapatay naanak rang maanan.

Meeting Him in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, O Nanak, celestial bliss is enjoyed.

hir jyTu rMgIlw iqsu DxI ijs kY Bwgu mQMin ]4]

har jayth rangeelaa tis Dhanee jis kai bhaag mathann. ||4||

In the month of Jayt'h, the playful Husband Lord meets her, upon whose forehead such good destiny is recorded. ||4||

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