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Appendix - Atrocities 201 to 400

Place of
Date of
Who the
Details of atrocities
assailants  were


Dharokan Kalan 
(Teh. Phalia)
Jhanian & 
do 1-9-47 do Hindus and Sikhs given ultimatum 
to embrace Islam. Ladies of several Sikhs and Hindus families 
immolated themselves to escape 
dishonour. Such Hindus as had got 
converted, later treacherously 
killed by Muslims. All arms from 
Hindus and Sikhs seized.
204 Mandi Shah 
Jiwana & Chund. 
Sargodha & 
Jhang 24-8-47 Muslim mob Hindus and Sikhs forcibly 
converted. Large-scale looting 
of Hindus and Sikhs of this 
prosperous Mandi. In village 
Chund, Gurdwara attacked. 
Hindus and Sikhs given 
ultimatum to embrace Islam. 
Besieged Hindu and Sikh 
women immolated themselves 
to escape dishonour. Men 
besieged in Gurdwara fought 
back. 375 out of 450 killed. More 
Hindus and Sikhs killed in other 
parts of Mandhi Shah Jiwana 
and village Chund.
205 Kotla Kasim 
Gujrat 27-8-47 Muslim mob Force of 400 attacked. Large-scale arson. 70 Hindus and Sikhs killed 
and 30 wounded.Women and 
children cut to pieces.
206 Baowal do 18-8-47 do Hindus and Sikhs besieged and 
forced to leave in a destitute state.
207 Kunjah 
(Teh. Phalia)
do End of 
Aug. 1947
do Forcible conversions. Hindi-Sikh 
houses forcibly occupied. 
Gurdwaras and inmates burnt. 
Not a single Sikh left alive.
208 Chak Zahir 
(Teh. Phalia)
do 5-10-47 do 4 Sikhs killed.


Chak 54.
Chak 58,
Jhang 26-8-47 
& after
& mobs
Curfew in which Muslims freely 
moved about looting Hindus and 
Sikhs. General assault on Hindus 
and Sikhs and looting for two days. Crimes of murder, abduction of 
women, arson, forcible conversion, 
freely and on a large scale 
perpetrated against Hindus and 
Chaks Nos.
46, 45, 
19, 20, 
26, 25, 
37, 42, 
44, 30, 
36 etc.
Sargodha End of Aug. 
& beginning 
Sept. 1947.
Muslim mob Sikhs of all these Chaks forced to 
quit in a destitute state and they had come to Gujrat Relief camp, 
numbering about 9,000.
242 Dhariwal 
(P.S. Kila 
Didar Singh)
Gujranwala 5 Bhadon 
(End of 
Aug. 47)
do Hindus and Sikhs attacked and 
tried to evacuate. Near Lalapur 
surrounded by large Muslim mob, 
and 1,000 were killed; dead 
bodies thrown into wells by 
243 Chak Purian 
Bura Kalan)
do 25 & 
do Forcible conversions of Hindus and Sikhs, loot and molestation of 
women in village and in refugee 
244 V. Khot 
(P. S. Wadhan)
Gujranwala 20-8-47 & 
following days
Muslim mob 
and military
Hindus and Sikhs forced to 
evacuate their villages and went 
to Chhanga (Sialkot Dist.). 
Attacked there and made to 
evacuate by Muslim military. 
When going out, attacked by mob 
of 4,000 belonging to V. Gharialan 
(Sialkot Dist.). Large number of 
women abducted. Some forcible 
245 V. Wadhon do 20-8-47 Muslim mob 
and military
60 Sikhs killed.
246 Mangat Niwen 
(P. S. Hafizabad)
do 16-8-47 Muslim mob Some Hindus and Sikhs killed 
and the rest saved their lives by 
leaving village.
247 Jhatanwali 
(Teh. Wazirabed)
do 20-8-47 do Attack resulting in several being 
killed and big loot.
248 Sangla Hill Sheikhupura last days of 
Aug. 47
Hindus and Sikhs forcibly made to 
leave their homes and allowed to 
carry away only ten seers of 
belongings each. Big loot by Muslims.
249 Ladhewali 
Gujranwala 27-8-47 Muslim mob Muslim Massacre of Hindus and 
Sikhs. 125 killed, 50 wounded, 
200 women abducted.
250 Sagar 
(Teh Hafizabad)
Gujranwala 22.8.47 Muslim mob Large killing, heroic deeds by 
Hindus and Sikhs, sonic of whom 
died fighting.
251 Mari Thakran 
(P. S. Kamoke)
do 22-8-47 Muslim mob, 
Police and 
73 killed, women abducted and 
forcibly converted. Later 3 more 
252 Kila Khazana do 14/15-8-47 do Repeated attacks which were 
resisted. People finally left village.
253 Hafizabad do 19/20-8-47 Muslim mob, 
Military and 
12 killed. Big loot. Altogether 3 
attacks took place. Gurdwara 
254 Chajjuke 
(P. S. Wadhon)
do 17-8-47 Muslim mob 
5 or 6 
60 or 70 killed in first attack. 
Again attacked while leaving village.
255 Jaranwala and 
its neighbouring 
Lyallpur 20-8-47 for 
about three 
Muslim mob, 
Police, military 
and officials
Repeated attacks on villages, such 
as Rupa, Faridabad, etc. Many 
killed after resistance. People 
collected from neighbouring villages 
in towns like Jaranwala, where 
Muslim officials gave false 
assurances of safety. Individual 
Hindus and Sikhs stabbed or shot. 
On 8-9-47 three separate 
Muslim groups attacked with a total force of 12,000 various Hindu-Sikh localities and refugee camps. These attacks were led by Muslim police 
and military. More than 1,000 
Hindus and Sikhs killed, between 
1,000 and 1,200 wounded; huge 
256 Dharaunkal 
(Teh Wazirabad)
Gujranwala 19-8-47 Muslim mob Force of 3,000 attacked. Out of a 
total Hindu Sikh population of 80 
only 9 survived.
257 Chamke Chattha 
(Teh. Hafizabad) 
do 15-9-47 Muslim Military Hindus and Sikhs forced to leave 
destitute. 3 miles outside village 
attacked. Gurdwara of this village 
attacked and pillaged.
258 Mirak Shah 
(P. S. Nur Shah) 
& Tandlian-wala
and Lyallpuer
& after
Muslim mob, 
Guard, Police 
and Military
Ultimatum to Hindus and Sikhs to 
turn Muslims or face consequences. Looted on refusal and took shelter 
at Tandlianwala. This latter place 
attacked on 25-9-47. Gurdwara 
where Hindus and Sikhs had taken 
shelter set on fire. Police and 
Military fired on Hindus and Sikhs 
who were on the roof of the building. 
About 300 Hindus and Sikhs killed. 
On 28-9-47 Wards Nos. 2, 3 and 
4 attacked. Killing 1,900 Hindus 
and Sikhs. 400 women abducted. 
Attacking force about 25,000.
258-A Refugee train 
leaving Chuhar 
Khana (Sheikhu 
& Lahore
Muslim mob, 
Police and 
Refugees in train not allowed water. 
Many fell down unconscious. Attack at Lahore railway station. Many 
killed. Refugees looted widely.
258-B Hardo Hude 
(Teh Gujranwala)
  19-9-47 do Several killed and many forcibly 
259 Udhowali Sheikhupura 27-8-47 Muslim mob 60 or 70 killed. About 25 forcibly 
260 Desraj do 15/16th 
Aug. 47
do 300 killed. 120 forcibly converted.
261 Maju Chak 
Gujranwala Last week 
of Aug. 47
Muslim mob, 
Police and 
Between 400 and 500 killed. 
Few survivors.
262 Hafizabad 
Tehsil area
do 12th Aug. 
47 & after up 
till end of the 
do Many villages burnt and attacked 
with large numbers killed. Gurdwara Chhevin Padshahi burnt on 23-8-47. 3 Sikhs murdered at Hafizabad Rly. 
station on 22-8-47.
263 Ramke Chatha 
(Teh. Hafizabad)
do 5-9-47 and 
some days after
do People forced to evacuate from this 
and several neighbouring villages. 
On the way Muslim military fired 
on them. Some killed in this firing, 
and the Hindus and Sikhs killed 
some of their own womenfolk to 
save them from dishonour at the 
hands of Muslim assailants.
264 Mandi Sukheki Gujranwala 2/3-9-47 Muslim mob, 
Sikhs specially singled out for 
attack and murder. Many killed 
after being searched out of Hindu 
265 Umala Dhalla Gujrat 14-8-47 to 
Muslim mob Muslims get possession of valuables 
of Sikhs on pretext of guarding 
them. A number of Sikhs of 
Dhalla were persuaded to come 
together into one house by Muslims 
for safety, then this house locked 
and set on fire. All burnt alive 
inside. Those trying to escape 
thrown on the heap and burnt 
alive. On 18-8-47 (Id day) Dhalla 
Umala attacked, in which 400 
Hindus and Sikhs had taken 
shelter.  Muslims however 
withdraw on intervention of some 
notables of ilaqa.  Later all besieged 
went in to Refugee camp at Gujrat 
in a destitute state.  Station Master 
and 5 Sikhs killed at Kharian. 
Some Sikhs killed at Loharian.
266 Mitha Chak 
and Jokalian
Gujrat 18-8-47 Muslim mob Muslims of this ilaqa gave 
assurances of safety on the Koran 
to Sikhs. On 18-8-47 a false alarm 
of attack by Sikhs was raised to 
incite Muslims to fall upon Sikhs. 
On 3-9-47 Muslims of about 60 
villages gathered at Jokalian for an 
attack (number 20,000).  Gurdwara 
was attacked and in one hour 800 
Sikhs (including women and 
children) were killed.  The Guru 
Granth Sahib was torn and 
desecrated. Looting continued for 
3 days.  After the Jokalian 
massacre, Hindus and Sikhs of 
Mitha Chak were given ultimatum 
to accept Islam or face 
consequences.  People of about 
40 villages forcibly converted 
(List of these villages with some omissions: Kiranwala, Gakhri, 
Khanwali, Khalian, Pindi Dhotra, 
Mitha Chak, Dadhra, Ranmal, 
Bharkat Kirlianwala, Jotoke, Pindi 
Kala, Agroa, Murid, Jheti, Burj 
Baho, Saido Sire, Jhanian Hola,
Kot Rahimshah, Janochak, 
Jhattawasi, Jhatta Aliya, Thatta 
Paur, Kiladar, Thatta Raike, 
Shadiwal, Kaddhar Kaulu, Mirgho 
Pindi, Kuthala Shekan, Chak 2, 
Saidullapur, Lange, Gill, 
Khojiwanwali, Jhiranwali, 
Dharowali, Mora, Burj Sikhan, 
Mianwal, Bhikho, etc.)
267 Ghanian Gujrat 21-8-47 Muslim mob Attempt was made by Muslims 
to dissuade Hindus from helping 
Sikhs. Some Hindus got converted 
to Islam. Isolated Sikhs (about a 
dozen in all in this village) killed 
their own womenfolk, set fire to a 
house and perished later. Muslims 
killed Hindus as well and abducted 
young women.
268 Bharowal Gujrat 17-8-47 Muslim mob General massacre of Hindus and 
Sikhs out of a total Hindu-Sikh 
population of 1,200; only 123 
survived. Large-scale looting.
269 Mandi Bahauddin Gujrat Early 
Sept. 47
Sikhs bayoneted and otherwise 
tortured extensively to force them 
to embrace Islam.


1. Shadiwal 
2. Shadiwal 
Gujrat 17-8-47 & 
Muslim mob False cry of attack by Sikhs raised 
to incite Muslims to fall upon Sikhs. 
Looting of Hindus and Sikhs on 
18.8.47 night. Hindus accepted 
Islam. Almost no Sikhs left alive in 
this village. Later these Hindus 
evacuated by Indian military. 
In Shadiwal Khurd all Hindus 
and Sikhs killed.
271 Sacha Sauda Sheikhupura 15-9-47 Muslim mob Hindu-Sikh refugee train attacked 
at Sacha Sauda Railway station. 
150 Hindus and Sikhs killed. 
Looting done by Muslims.
272 Kuthiala Virkan 
(P. S. Muridke)
do 19-8-47 Muslim mob 
and military
Between village Fatehpur and 
Bhatianwala attacked by Muslims 
of 20 villages. 200 Sikhs killed. 
250 women abducted. Finally only 
1,500 out of the original Jatha of 
5,000 known to have reached India.
273 Sharifpura do 22-8-47 Muslim 
One Sikh youth named Kuldip 
Singh aged 19 shot by Muslim 
military, died soon after.
274 Gakhar Gujranwala 17-8-47 Muslim mob 
and military
About 200 Hindus and Sikhs 
killed looting continued for 3 days.
275 Sharakpur Sheikhupura 24-8-47 Muslim mob 
and Military
Arson and looting. 25 Sikhs killed, 
rest saved lives by fleeing in a 
destitute State.
276 Shahidiwala 
(Teh. Shahdara)
do 27-8-47 Muslim mob Attacked by beat of drums. As 
Sikhs going out of village, fire-ed 
on by Muslim police and military. 
Stiff resistance by Sikhs.
277 Nangal Buchar do 21-8-47 do Attack on evacuating Hindus and 
Sikhs at Pattan Bhindian (on Ravi 
River). Evacuees gave a good fight.
278 Machhochak 
(Teh. Shahdara)
do 22-8-47 do Muslims of 10 villages attacked this 
Sikh-Hindu village, about 50 Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest left in a 
destitute state.
279 Dhanoe 
(Teh. Shahdara)
do 24-8-47 Muslim mob 
and military
People of Dhanoe took shelter in 
Babakwala, which was attacked by 
Muslim mob and military. Between 
400 and 500 Hindus and Sikhs 
killed. Some women abducted.
280 Bagdad 
(P. S. Muridke)
Sheikhupura 24-8-47 Muslim mob 4 or 5 Sikh houses in this village. 
Only 9 Sikhs survived.
281 Sikhanwala 
(Teh. Shahdara)
Sheikhupura 27-8-47 Muslim mob All Sikhs turned out in a destitute 
282 Sekham 
(P. S. Muridke)
do 1-9-47 do All Sikhs turned out in a destitute 
state. 100 killed, 50 wounded, 22 
women abducted, 50 forcibly 
283 Dharanagar 
(P.O. Sharakpur)
do 27-8-47 Muslim mob 
& Police
About 70 Sikhs killed. Rest went 
to refugee camp at Dhamke (4 
miles away) in a completely 
destitute state.
284 Chak No. 49 
(Teh. Shahdara)
do 25-8-47 Muslim mob 
& 50 Muslim 
Military men
Entire Sikh population wiped out. 
Only 2 survived.
285 Aiya Kalan do End of Aug. 47 Muslim 
70 to 80 Sikhs killed village. 
About 30 killed on the way while 
286 Khori 
(Teh. Shahdara)
do do Muslim mob 
and military
This village and Nangal Dunna 
Singh military attacked by beat of 
drum. Later people attacked at 
Bhindi Pattan (Ravi River), 
women abducted.
287 Ratniwala 
(P.O. Babakwal)
do do Muslim mob 
& Police
About 30 Sikhs killed in the 
village 100 killed by Police near 
village Wadhai Chima while 
288 Chak No. 12 
(Teh. Shahdara)
Sheikhupura 27-8-47 Muslim mob 
and military
Force of 2,000 attacks. 25 Hindus 
and Sikhs killed. Rest went into 
Walianwala Refugee camp in a 
completely destitute state.
289 Sadh Nauabad 
(Teh. Shahdara)
Sheikhupura 1-9-47 Muslim mob Hindus and Sikhs attacked while 
crossing River Ravi. 40 killed in 
the attack.
290 Awan Lubana do 25-8-47 Muslim mob, 
Police & 
Hindus and Sikhs killed. Large 
scale arson and looting. 200 
women and some children 
291 Faridabad 
(Teh Nankana 
do 26-8-47 Muslim mob Half the Hindu-Sikh population 
of this village reached India. Rest 
either killed or forcibly converted.
292 Kot Pindi Das 
(Teh. Shahdara)
do 15-8-47 & 
do Attacked and pillaged. Hindus 
and Sikhs left in a destitute state.
293 Sangla Hill do 27-8-47 & 
Muslim mob 
& Military
300 Sikhs killed. In curfew Muslims 
went about freely. Sikhs forcibly 
shaved by Muslims. Huge lootin of 
the prosperous Hindu-Sikh 
businessmen of this place took 
place. Sikhs freely stabbed with 
Police looking on. Magistrate 
M. G. Cheema of Lahore notoriety 
directed operations against Sikhs. 
Hindus threatened if they sheltered 
Sikhs. Searches in which Hindu and 
Sikh women's modesty, outraged.
294 Gurdwara Baoli 
Sialkot 13-8-47 Muslim mob 20 Sikhs including women and 
children killed. Gurdwara burnt.
1. Bohar 
(Teh. Nankana 
2. Chak. 8
3. Chak 702
Sheikhupura 21-8-47 Muslim mob 
& Military
Simultaneously attacked. Refugee 
train carrying Hindu and Sikh 
evacuees from these places 
stopped by Muslim military near 
Shahdara and evacuees stripped 
of all their possessions.
298 Chak No. 
4 Risala (P. S. 
do 26- to 28 
Aug. 47
Muslim mob Ultimatum to Hindus and Sikhs to 
turn Muslims or to take the 
consequences. 30 men with rifles 
and a mob attacks Sikhs, who 
were mostly ex-militarymen and 
resisted. 3 Sikhs killed. Left in a 
destitute state.
299 Shahkot do 3-9-47 do One Sikh's eyes gouged out. 
1,000 Hindus and Sikhs forcibly 
300 Sacha Sauda do 12-9-47 Muslim 
& Military
Stripped Hindus and Sikhs of all 
their possessions and turned them 
out destitute.
301 Bhuler Chak 
119 (P.S. 
Sangla Hill)
Sheikhupura 30-8-47 
and after
Muslim mob, 
Police and 
Village situated close to borders of 
other districts, notably Gujranwala 
and Sialkot. All through August, 
1947 Muslims of neighbouring 
villages made preparations for attack on Sikhs with the active complicity 
of Muslim officials. After 15th 
August.  Bhuler was the centre 
where Hindus and Sikhs of a 
considerable radius around came 
together for shelter. On 30.8.47 
ultimatum sent to Sikhs to 
evacuate Bhuler which Sikhs 
indignantly refused.  Muslims 
and Police attacked from all sides. 
On 1.9.47 about 25,000 Muslims 
collected for attack. The mob attack
failed to break the morale of Sikhs. 
Then Armed Police and Baluch 
Military appeared.  Sikhs finding 
the fight unequal decided to kill 
their womenfolk to save them from 
dishonour.  Fierce fight after this. 
Sikhs set fire to their houses. About 
200 Sikhs killed Rest evacuated 
302 Sadhka (P.O. 
Chak 44, The. 
Sheikhupura End of Aug. 47 Muslim mob Attacked and Hindus and Sikhs 
turned out in a destitute state.
303 1. Khanpur 
2. Wan Janbar.
3. Kaira (Teh. 
Nankana Sahib)
do 1-9-47 do All Hindus and Sikhs made to 
quit in a destitutes state.
304 Chang. do Beginning of 
Sept. 1947
45 Sikhs of this village killed near 
village Chumbar while evacuating.
305 Wan do 20-8-47 Muslim mob 250 Hindus and Sikhs killed. 
50 women and children abducted.
306 Basse Ki Jagir 
(P.S. Sacha 
do 25-8-47 do 5 or 6 Hindu-Sikh houses in this 
village. 13 Hindus and Sikhs killed, 
12 young girls abducted.
307 Harde do End of Aug. 47 Muslim mob 
& Military
Several Hindus and Sikhs killed. 
Rest left in a destitute state.
308 Danke do 27-8-47 Muslim mob 1,500 attacked.  Hindus and Sikhs 
forced to leave in a destitute state.
309 Narangwal  Sheikhupura 26-8-47 Muslim mob 500 women and children abducted.
310 Sunke do 21-8-47 do All Hindus and Sikhs forced to 
leave in a destitute state.
311 Ladheke do 1-9-47 do Sikh population forced to leave in 
a destitute state.
312 Ghazi (Teh. 
Nankana Sahib)
do 1-9-47 Muslim 
Entire Hindu-Sikh population of 
400 wiped out. Only 2 survived.
313 Dharowal 
Chak 33
do 7-9-47 Muslim mob Attacked in great force. 5 Hindus 
and Sikhs killed. Refugee train in 
which these people travelled 
attacked near Shahdata and great 
killing done by Muslims.
314 Nankana Sahib do 15.8.47 & after Muslim mob, 
Police & 
This holy place of Sikhs was 
attacked repeatedly. Sikhs and 
Hindus were stabbed. Refugee 
trains Passing were sniped at from 
Nankana Sahib by Muslims. 
Convoys of Hindus and Sikhs 
were attacked.
315 Kuthiala Virkan do 25-8-47 Muslim mob 300 Sikhs and Hindus killed. 
60 women abducted. Sikhs and 
Hindus turned out destitute.
316 Mudwala Wadda do 18-8-47 Muslim 
Military, (80 
in number)
450 Hindus and Sikhs killed. 
5 women abducted.
317 Mari Bhumian 
(P. S. Sharakpur)
Sheikhupura 24-9-47 Muslim mob Several families given shelter and 
also assurances of safety by 
Muslims. Later attacked and killed. 
Women abducted; only one 
318 Langewala 
(P. S. Warburton)
do About middle 
of Sept. 47
Sikhs of this village in convoy 
attacked by Muslim military. 12 
Sikhs killed while going to fetch 
water from a well.
319 Chak 224 Lyallpur 26-8-47 Muslim Police One Sikh family assaulted. Males 
killed. Womenfolk abducted and 
disgraced. Later rescued and 
brought to India.
320 V. Ghatli Sheikhupura   Muslim mob Hindus and Sikhs quit when 
attacked, in a destitute state. 
Some forcible conversions.
321 Chak 12 
(P. S. Khengah 
Dogran) & 
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