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Misra Commission Report :Delhi Riots 1984

A Brief

PART - 1
A) Setting up of the Commission
B) Functioning of the Commission
C) Representation of parties
D) Collection of facts
E) Interference with the working
F) Camera proceedings
G) Role of the Citizens Justice Committee
H) Examination of persons other than deponents

2. (a) General
2. (b) Incidents
2. (c) Consideration of affidavits
2. (d) Role played by the Railway Administration
2. (e) Deaths in Delhi
3. An assessment of the situation
4. Damage to Gurudwaras and Educational Institutions at Delhi
5. Role of the Police
6. Action against others
7. Delay in calling in the Army
8. Allegation against D.T.C.

9. Incidents
10. Consideration of some affidavits
11. Assessment of Events

12. Incidents and Consideration of Affidavits
13. A few Notable Instances
14. Prosecuting the Offender
15. Compensation to Riot Victims
16. Commission takes some steps for Rehabilitation

PART - 2
17. More Manpower and Reorganisation
18. Voluntary Social Agencies
19. Education
20. Evolving a Common Code of Conduct
21. Mass Media

1. AIIMS -All India Institute of Medical Sciences
2. BRVRC -Bokaro Riot Victims Rehabilitation Committee
3. CCPH -Citizens’ Committee for Pace & Harmony
4. CJC -Citizens’ Justice Committee
5. DSGMC -Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee
6. KRICC -Kanpur Riots Inquiry Coordination Committee

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