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Bibi Bhagbhari ji

Bibi Bhagbhari ji was a disciple of Guru Amar Das ji. She was also one of the first Sikh preachers. Little could be found on the early life of Bhagbhari, sometimes also known as Bibi Bhago. She was very young when she became a disciple of Guru Amar Das. After learning all that she could, the Guru gave her the manji of Kashmir. That meant that she was appointed by Guru Amardas ji to preach Sikhism in the area of Kashmir valley, around Srinagar.

She went out as a missionary, worked hard with considerable success, but never returned to Punjab. She made her home in Srinagar. When she got older and was unable to carry out her duties, her son Sewa Das continued the work of the Guru, preaching and teaching Sikhism to all who would listen.
Bibi Bhagbhari dreamt of seeing her Guru one last time. She made a beautiful robe and prayed to be able to see him wear it. By this time, it was Guru Hargobind ji was on the Gaddi of Nanak as the sixth Guru of the Sikhs. The Guru on hearing of her devotion procceded to Kashmir to meet her. He put on her robe and she blessed her lucky stars that she had been so honoured. The Guru stayed for some time preaching to the Sikhs in the area. While the Guru was in Srinagar, Bhagbhari who was quite elderly at this time, died a happy woman. An important shrine dedicated to this visit of the Guru still stands in Srinagar today.

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