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Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Sahib Ji

Couplet – The earth had become over burdened with the sin of these individuals and the spirit of righteousness had vanquished. The loving devotion of God had disappeared from the world and the people began to live in fear. 15.

Quatrain – In the end the earth remembered the name of God she requested shelter and support from the Lord. She said, "O Lord you are the greatest of all and have no beginning. O God you are the supreme deity and leader of the demi gods who forever remains the same." 16.

O God you are the protector and helper of the meek and poor. O Lord you are the master of the meek who cares for them whilst invisible to the human eye. You are exempt from old age, immortal, who cannot be eulogised and does not adopt guises or forms. You are exempt from fear, away from the effects of Maya, unaccountable and unknowable. 17 During the age of Kaljug the amount of sin has increased and due to this I am overburdened by its weight. The present time is very painful and hurtful. Without your assistance O Lord I am unable to survive. 18.

Couplet – In the age of Satjug righteousness had four feet (Sat, Soch, Tap and Daan) whilst in Treta there was only three. In the age of Dwapur two feet remained whilst the age of Kaljug was left with one. 19.

Quatrain – The dark age of sin known as Kaljug has started and for this reason I am over burdened by this weight. With righteousness standing on its last foot (Daan) the world cannot be sustained and without your assistance the world can not survive. 20 O the great Lord please listen to my supplication, please assist me in such a way that I will be able to settle. After listening to the supplication of the earth who was in considerable distress then the Lord responded. 21.

"For this specific reason I have sent many people to the earth who have started their various faiths. The reason for which I had sent them was not carried out instead they started their various orders. 22.

"They did not tell the earth about the glory of my name and did not teach people about loving devotion to me. Through the name of God the earth can gain support and shelter." These are the words said by the Lord. 23 "When the name of God and its keertan is done in the world then you will be sheltered. For this reason I personally will adopt a transcendent form and manifest on the earth as no one else will be able to perform this task." 24.

In this way God's words gave a refuge to the lamenting earth. By adopting this faith all the burden of the earth will be decimated. In this way the words of the Lord resonated from the sky causing great happiness in the heart and in the mind of the earth. 25 The progeny of Sri Ram Chandar was still in existence and had no blemishes and for this reason Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifest into the clan of the Bedi's who like a night lotus bloomed with the arrival of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who was like the soothing moon. The non transcendent Lord adopted a transcendent form and manifest on the earth and was known in the form of the Satguru. 26.

Couplet – The bad deeds are like the night and the age of Kaljug is wrought with fear. The false hood spread in the world was like the array of stars in the night sky. In the way that many nocturnal flowers bloom in the night so had many faiths and beliefs bloomed. At that time the majority rule was by the Islamic faiths. 27.

Quatrain – In order to dispel the darkness Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifest as if he was the rising sun. In this way Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji illuminated the world. The Guru was like the sun whilst his discourses were like the rays of the sun. The saints on seeing the sun like Guru had their lotus like hearts in full bloom. 28.

Those living in falsehood and atheists all felt the pain of the sun like Guru as the owls do when the sun rises. Those who believed in the Guru were in bliss as the Chaki is when it sees the sun rise.

The radiance of meditation was illuminated throughout the world. The ignorance within the devotees was dispelled by the Guru. 29.

Those great beings were awoken once they gained wisdom and knowledge. In the way a person leaves a dream and awakens the devotees left their sinful past gaining knowledge and devotion. In order to sustain the wisdom of the great beings Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifest into the clan of the Bedi's. 30.

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