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Gurudwara Dadu Dwara - Narayana


Dadu Dwara - Narayana, a large village in Jaipur district, lies along the Phulera-Ajmer section of Western Railway, 71 kilometres from Ajmer and 65 kilometres from Jaipur via Phulera. A link road connects it to the Delhi-Jodhpur highway at Dudu. At Narayana is located the well-known centre of Dadupanthis, Dadu Dwara, founded by the Kabirpanthi saini Dadu, a contemporary of Guru Arjan Dev. Guru Gobind Singh visited Dadu Dwara during his travels through Rajasthan in 1706-07. It is said that on arrival the Guru saluted the samadhi of Dadu by raising his arrow to it. The Sikhs accompanying him at once objected, reminding the Guru that he had himself prohibited the idolatrous practice of bowing before such shrines and memorials. The Guru was pleased at the Sikh's vigilance to test which alone, he explained he had deliberately committed the faux pas; and he readily paid the fine imposed on him by his followers as a punishment for committing what was a breach of the religious code.

Guru Gobind Singh also held a discourse with Jait Ram, the Dadupanthi head priest during which he explained that while compassion is a desirable virtue, the practice of non-violence as a religious creed even against tyranny and injustice is sheer cowardice and no virtue. Memorial to the Guru's visit at Dadu Dwara is in the form of a marble-topped platform around a group of three banyan trees in the outer compound. It is maintained by the management of Dadu Dwara. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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