Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Gurdwara Lohgarh Sahib - Dina, Faridkot  

Guru Gobind Singh visited the village Dina on his way to Muktsar. Here he was looked after with great devotion by Chaudharis, Lakmir and Shamir, grandsons of Rai Jodh, a devoted disciple of sixth Guru Hargobind. Here Guruji discarded his blue dress of Uch Ka Pir. Till then very few people knew that Uch Ka Pir was none else but the Tenth Master. Nawab of Sirhind Wazir Khan also got the news about the Guru and consequently directed the Chaudhary to arrest the Guru and send him to Sirhind. A man of- steadfast faith Shamir after consulting his brother wrote back, "Just as you hold your 'Pir' in high respect, we too are dedicated to the service of our Guru. Since he loves all, we cannot carry out your orders. and we would beg to be excused." The Gurdwara built at Dina in memory of Guruji is called 'Lohgarh Sahib.'  
Location:Gurdwara Lohgarh Sahib is situated in the village Dina, 15 km south of Nihal Singh Wala, in the Moga district of Punjab .It is on Barnala Nihal Singh Wala road, which is a single metal road and is in good condition. It is 6 km from Salatwatpura, 12 km from Nihal Singh wala and 13km from Bhadaur. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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