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Gurudwara Sher Shikar , Machkund

This Gurdwara is situated in Machkund, in Dhaulpur, Rajasthan. This Gurdwara is related with sixth Guru, Shri Guru Hargobind.

While moving towards Gwalior, Emperor Jahangir with Guru jee arrived at Machkund on 4th march, 1612 and stayed in Bhamtipura village. The head of that area told Jahangir about a deadly loin and requested him to save them from that lion.

Jahangir had plans to kill Guru Hargobind through that lion. When the team is in the forest searching for this lion, the lion charges to attack and destroy Jahangir. Jahangir and his soldiers were ready and start firing guns and arrows but in vein. The lion was very bold and kept quickly advancing towards the party. Seeing this, Jahangir was very scared and start screaming for help. It is said that at this point, Guru Hargobind jee came and stood between Jahangir and lion and says to lion "Ae kale yaman pehlan toon war kar lae kidre tere man di iccha baaki na reh jaye". The lion attacked Guru ji with his full force. Guru ji put shield in front of lion and with his sword hit the lion on its back and killed him it with one motion. Jahangir now realised that the Guru was not only powerful spirituality but also physically. Jahangir quickly retreated from the scene bidding a hasty "thanks" to the Guru.

However, after reaching Gwalior, Jahangir jailed the Guru Hargobind with the 52 Rajas. After this incident Machkund became more popular.
After That

The service of this place did by Udasi sadhus they always did gurbani kirtan and free kitchen was also at this place. but after sometime Udasi sadhus left this place and this place becomes alone. Maharani of Dhaul pur who was daughter of maharaj of patiala found the sacred place and guru granth sahib prakash was done here.

Sant baba Thakur Singh who was at hazur sahib while returning to punjab he got the news abt guru hargobind singh place he came over there. He found a old thara sahib. After digging that place a small sword and Kundals found after digging earth upto 5 meters. After that this place gain more popularity.

Machkund, Dhaulpur, Rajasthan
On Agra Gwalior Road
Railway station is 2.5 km from this place

References :Sher Shikar Machkund, written by Rajinder Singh Soofi, Amritsar will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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