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Kaman Singh Sarabha was undoubtedly one of the most eminent freedom fighters of our country. He was born in 1896 at Sarabha. District Ludhiana. His fathers name was Mangal Singh. After passing the Matriculation examination he joined a college but did not pursue his studies further because of his fathers untimely death. Otherwise, too, be did not take much interest in studies. In 1910 Kartar Singh proceeded to Son Francisco (U.SA.). Those were the days wtscn national consciousness was fast growing among the Indians residing is America. Karlar Singhs young and sensitive mind quickly imbibed the influence and he became an ardent nationalist. He started the Ghae4 newspaper and in the beginning he bore practically the whole of its burden. Later on, however, some other people came forward to share the work with him. About the same time, he trained himself in the mechanise and repair of aeroplanes
During First World War, be returned to India and joined lads with noted revolutionaries such as Babu Rash Bchari Bose and Babu Surinder Nath Sanyal who were working secretly to bring about a political revolution in the country. Kartar Sings confined his revolutionary activities to the Punjab and commenced his work with political dacoities in a bid to collect arms and money for the contemplated revolution. He made many attempts to establish secret contacts with Indian soldiers in military cantoonents. When preparations were complete. February 21. 1913 was fixed as the day of rebellion. Unfortunately, however, one of his confidants, Kirpal Singh disclosed this plan to the Goveamneat and cosequently the whole plot wax frustrated by the vigilance of the police. Apprehending the danger of arrest, he and his friends Harnsm Sisgh Tundilat and lagat Singh fled across the North West Frontier of the country. But then suddenly they realized that their behaviour was cowardly and retraced their footsteps.

min change of proVwnl a was effected chiefly at the bidding of Sarabha who would rather sacrifice his life than leave his companions in the lurch. So while coming back he was arrested near Sargodha and i,npe wood in l shore Central Jail.
When Kartar Singh was being teed on the charge of sedition, be took the entire blame upon himself. The Judge was astounded to see such a young boy behaving in such a non-ehalant manner. In view of his tender age the Judge advised the young revolutionary to modify his statement, but the result was the very opposite of what was desired by him Raster Singh made even more uncompromising statement on the basis of which he was sentenced to death when he was only twenty years old.
His efforts to cut the iron bars of his cell were rendered abortive by the jail authorities who learnt about his designs well in time and seszcd the instruments which he somehow managed to hide underneath an earthen pitcher in his room_ lie was undaunted by his execution which can be gauged from his gaining 14 pounds of fresh weight rather than losirZ due to the fear of death. lie was hanged in 1916 will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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