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Balwant Singh (Canadian)

He was born in 1892 at village Khudpur, District Jullundur. His father, Budh Singh, was very famous man and commanded respect in the area. For his education, Balwam Sing joined Middle School. Adampur but had to leave aft" the sixth class on account of his early marriage. lie joined Battalion 36 of the Indian Army when he became adult. While posted at Mardur, he came under the influence of the famous Sant Karam Singh. lie resigned his service after a period often years and then in April, 1906 went to Canada. There he helped raise the fist Gurdwara to Vancouver and himself took up the office of the Granthi. Under his able stewardship the Gurdwars quickly developed into a popular community centre for the Indians in Canada.

While at Canada, he told the Indian community to lead the smrppye against the unjust Emigration Laws of the Government of Canada. In 1911 be came to India accompanied by Bhag Singh and Sunder Sing and toured the country to enlighten the Indian public about their difficulties in Canada. On the way back when they reached Hong Kong they were refused tickets for Vancouver. In the altcrmtive, they purchased tickets for San Francisco. But on reaching there they were not allowed to land and were forced to return to Hong Kong. They again trial and after a long struggle succeeded in getting tickets for Vancouver. But their troubles were not over. At Vancouver, their families were refused permission to get down from the ship. Ultimately, provisional permission was granted on the rmderstarrding that they would have to go back if the orders from the Emigration Officer, Ottawa, were to the contrary. But once in, they refused to leave Canada in any case, for which Batwant Singb and his companions had to undergo great difficulties. To settle the dispute on permanent basis, a deputation was scat to India to plead with the Government of India and Indian people to take up their cause with the Canadian Authorities. The deputation was led by Balwunt Sink when no satisfactory response was received they went back with the conviction that the only remedy of their troubles was to free their country from political slavery. Batwant Sing from now on became an ardent freedom-fighter. When the Komagata Mast passengers were denied permission to land and were in great trouble, Balwant Singh played a leading role in collecting funds for them. In corrsegt enoe the authorities came down heavily upon him and implicated him in a false case of murder of Hopkinson, Emigration Inspector, although nothing could be proved against him sad be was released. Things were made so hot for him that he had to leave immediately along with his whole family. At Shanghai he despatched his family to India in company with one Kaiw Sing and himself stayed back to work for the cause of freedom among Indians there. In 1915 be Proceeded to Bangkok where he was arrested in a state of ilhress. As a prisoner he was first brought to Singapore end then to Lahore where he was hanged in 1916 will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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