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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

    Pauri 9 (Nyaya)

goqm qpy ibcwr kY irg vyd kI kQw suxweI]
inAwie SwsqR ko mQ kr sB ibD krqy h`Q jxweI]
sb kuJ krqy vs hY hor bwq ivc cly n kweI]
duhIN isrIN krqwr hY Awp inAwrw kr idKlweI]
krqw iknY n dyiKAw kudrq AMdr Brm BulweI]
sohM bRhm CpwiekY pVdw Brm kqwr suxweI]
irg khY sux gurmuKhu Awpy Awp n dUjI rweI]
siqgurU ibnW n soJI pweI ]ù]

gothum thupae bichaar kai rig vaedh kee kuthhaa sunaaee||
niaae shaasuthr ko muthh kur subh bidhh kuruthae huuthh junaaee||
sub kujh kuruthae vus hai hor baath vich chulae n kaaee||
dhuhee siree kuruthaar hai aap niaaraa kur dhikhulaaee||
kuruthaa kinai n dhaekhiaa kudhuruth a(n)dhur bhurum bhulaaee||
sohu(n) brehum shhupaaeikai purrudhaa bhurum kuthaar sunaaee||
rig kehai sun gurumukhuhu aapae aap n dhoojee raaee||
sathiguroo binaa(n) n sojhee paaee ||u||

Speculating seriously, seer Gotama has put forth the story of the Rgveda.
After churning the thoughts, in the Nyaya school, God has been defined as the efficient cause of all the causes.
Everything is under His control and in His order, no order whatsoever of anybody else is accepted.
He is in the beginning and at the end of this creation yet in this Shastra he is shown as separate from this creation.
No one has seen or known this creator, and rather people have remained indulged in the expansive delusions of prakriti (nature).
Not realising that soham parbrahm, the jiv is mistaken in understanding Him as a man (full of fallacies).
The Rgveda exhorts the knowledgeable people that supreme Lord is everything and none else can be compared with Him.
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