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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri41 Miracles by the siddhs

eyh sux bcn jugIsrW mwr iklk bhu rUp auTweI]
Kt drSn kau KyidAw kiljug bydI nwnk AweI]
isD boln sB AauKDIAW qMqR mMqR kI Duno cVHweI]
rUp vtwieAw jogIAW isMG bwG bhu cilq idKweI]
iek pr krky aufrn pMKI ijvyN rhy lIlweI]
iek nwg hoie pvn Cof ieknw vrKw Agn vsweI]
qwry qoVy BMgRnwQ iek cV imrgwnI jl qr jweI]
isDW Agn n buJy buJweI ]ôñ]

eaeh sun buchun jugeesuraa(n) maar kiluk buhu roop out(h)aaee||
khutt dhurushun ko khaedhiaa kalijug baedhee naanuk aaee||
sidhh bolun subh aoukhudhheeaaa(n) thu(n)thr mu(n)thr kee dhhuno churruaaee||
roop vuttaaeiaa jogeeaaa(n) si(n)gh baagh buhu chalith dhikhaaee||
eik pur kurukae ouddurun pu(n)khee jivae rehae leelaaee||
eik naag hoe puvun shhodd eikunaa vurukhaa agun vusaaee||
thaarae thorrae bhu(n)grunaathh eik churr mirugaanee jul thur jaaee||
sidhhaa(n) agun n bujhae bujhaaee ||uu||

Listening to this, the yogis snarled loudly and invoked many spirits.
They said, (In kaliyug, Bedi Nanak has trampled and driven away the six schools of Indian philosophy).
Saying thus, the Siddhs counted all sorts of medicines and started making tantric sounds of the mantras.
Yogis changed themselves into the forms of lions and tigers and performed many actions.
Some of them became winged and flew like birds.
Some started hissing like cobra and some poured out fire.
Bhangar nath plucked the stars and many upon deer skin started floating on water.
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