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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri25 Lack of love and affection at pilgrim centres

bwbw AwieAw qIrQIN qIrQ purb sBy iPr dyKY]
pUrb Drm bhu krm kr Bwau Bgiq ibn ikqy n lyKY]
Bwau n bRhmy iliKAw cwr byd isMmRiq pVH dyKY]
FUMfI sglI iprQmI siqjug Awid duA`wpr qRyqY]
kiljug DuMDUkwr hY Brm BulweI bhu ibiD ByKY]
ByKIN pRBU n pweIAY Awp gvwey rUp n ryKY]
gurmuK vrn Avrn hoie inv clY gurisK ivsyKY]
qW kuC Gwl pvY dr lyKY ]òõ]

baabaa aaeiaa theeruthhee theeruthh purub subhae fir dhaekhai||
poorub dhhurum buhu kurum kur bhaao bhugath bin kithae n laekhai||
bhaao n brehumae likhiaa chaar baedh si(n)mrath purru dhaekhai||
dtoo(n)ddee sugulee piruthhumee sathijug aadh dhuaapur thraethai||
kalijug dhhu(n)dhhookaar hai bhurum bhulaaee buhu bidhh bhaekhai||
bhaekhee prubhoo n paaeeai aap guvaaeae roop n raekhai||
gurumukh vurun avurun hoe niv chulai gurasikh visaekhai||
thaa(n) kushh ghaal puvai dhur laekhai ||uu||

Baba (Nanak) came to the pilgrimage centres and by participating in the ceremonies there he observed them minutely.
People were busy in performing the rituals of the ceremonies but since being bereft of loving devotion, they were of no avail.
Having gone through the Vedas and simritis one finds that Brhama also has nowhere written about the Sentiment of love.
To find out the same, the satyug, treta dvapar etc. have been screened.
In kaliyug, the pitch darkness prevails in which many guises and hypocritical ways have been started.
Through garbs and guises one cannot reach the Lord; He can be reached through self-effacement.
The special feature of the Sikh of the Guru is that he goes beyond the framework of caste-classification and moves in humility.
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