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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri 14 (Sesanag Patanjali)

syKnwg pwqMjl miQAw gurmuK SwsqR nwg suxweI]
vyd AQrvx boilAw jog ibnw nih Brm cukweI]
ijauNkr mYlI AwrsI iskl ibnw nihM muK idKweI]
jog pdwrQ inrmlw Anhd Dun AMdr ilvlweI]
ASdsw isiD nauinDI gurmuK jogI crn lgweI]
iqRhu jugW kI bwSnw kiljug ivc pwqMjl pweI]
hQo hQI pweIAY Bgq jog kI pUr kmweI]
nwm dwn ieSnwn suBweI ]ñô
saekhunaag paathu(n)jul mathhiaa gurumukh shaasuthr naag sunaaee||
vaedh athhuruvun boliaa jog binaa nehi bhurum chukaaee||
jioukur mailee aarusee sikul binaa nehi(n) mukh dhikhaaee||
jog pudhaaruthh nirumulaa anehudh dhhun a(n)dhur livulaaee||
ashudhusaa sidhh nounidhhee gurumukh jogee churun lugaaee||
thrihu jugaa(n) kee baashunaa kalijug vich paathu(n)jul paaee||
huthho huthhee paaeeai bhuguth jog kee poor kumaaee||
naam dhaan eishunaan subhaaee ||uu||

Gurmukh Patanjali the (supposed) incarnation of the Sesnaga, very thoughtfully recited, the Naga-Shastra, Yoga Shastra (Patanjal-Yogasutras).
He told in consonance with Atharvaveda that illusion cannot be erased without yoga.
It is similar to the fact where we know that without cleansing of the mirror, the face cannot be seen in it.
Yoga is cleansing praxis through which the surati gets absorbed into the unstruck melody.
Eighteen siddhis and nine treasures fall at the feet of a gurmukh yogi.
In kaliyug, Patanjali talked about fulfillment of desires that remained unfulfilled in the three ages.
The complete achievement of yogic bhakti is that you every thing hand to hand.
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