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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri42 Question of siddhs

isD boly sun nwnkw quih jg nUM krwmwq idKlweI]
kuJ idKweIN AswnUM BI qUM ikauN iFl AjyhI lweI]
bwbw boly nwQ jI AsW vyKy jogI vsqu n kweI]
gur sMgq bwxI ibnw dUjI Et nhIN hY rweI]
isv rUpI krqw purK cly nwhIN Drq clweI]
isD qMqR mMqR kr JV pey Sbd gurU kY klw CpweI]
ddy dwqw gurU hY kky kImq iknY n pweI]
so dIn nwnk siqgur srxweI ]ôò]

sidhh bolae sun naanukaa thuhi jug noo(n) kuraamaath dhikhulaaee||
kujh dhikhaaee asaanoo(n) bhee thoo(n) kio dtil ajaehee laaee||
baabaa bolae naathh jee asaa(n) vaekhae jogee vusuth n kaaee||
gur su(n)guth baanee binaa dhoojee outt nehee hai raaee||
siv roopee kuruthaa purukh chulae naahee dhhuruth chulaaee||
sidhh thu(n)thr mu(n)thr kur jhurr peae shubudh guroo kai kulaa shhupaaee||
dhudhae dhaathaa guroo hai kukae keemuth kinai n paaee||
so dheen naanuk sathigur surunaaee ||uu||

Siddhs spoke, Listen O Nanak! You have shown miracles to the world.
Why are you late in showing some to us.
Baba replied, O respected Nath! I have nothing worth showing to you.
I have no support except of the Guru (God), holy congregation, and the Word (bani).
That Paramatman who is all full of benedictions (sivam) for all is stable and the earth (and material over it) is transitory.
The siddhs exhausted themselves with the tantra-mantras but the world of Lord did not allow their powers to come up.
The Guru is the giver and no one can gauge his bounties.
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