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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji
Vaar 1
Translation by Dr Jodh Singh

Pauri31 Testing the Guru

isDIN mny ibcwirAw ikv drSn eyh lyvy bwlw]
AYsw jogI klI mwih hmry pMQ kry auijAwlw]
K`pr idqw nwQ jI pwxI Br lYvx auT cwlw]
bwbw AwieAw pwxIAY ifTy rqn jvwhr lwlw]
siqgur Agm AgwD purK kyhVw Jly gur dI Jwlw]
iPr AwXw gur nwQ jI pwxI TauV nhIN aus qwlw]
Sbd ijqI isD mMflI kIqosu Apxw pMQ inrwlw]
kiljug nwnk nwm suKwlw ]óñ]

sidhhee munae bichaariaa kiv dhurushun eaeh laevae baalaa||
aisaa jogee kulee maahi humurae pu(n)thh kurae oujiaalaa||
khuupur dhithaa naathh jee paanee bhur laivun out(h) chaalaa||
baabaa aaeiaa paaneeai ddit(h)ae ruthun juvaahur laalaa||
sathigur agum agaadhh purukh kaehurraa jhulae gur dhee jhaalaa||
fir aayaa gur naathh jee paanee t(h)ourr nehee ous thaalaa||
shubudh jithee sidhh mu(n)ddulee keethos apunaa pu(n)thh niraalaa||
kalijug naanuk naam sukhaalaa ||uu||

The siddhs thought in their mind that this body should in all circumstances Adopt philosophy of yoga.
Such a yogi in kaliyug, will brighten the name of our sect.
One of the Naths, gave him a begging bowl to fetch water.
When Baba came to the stream for water, he saw rubies and jewels in it.
This true Guru (Nanak) was unfathomable supreme purusa and who could bear with his effulgence.
He (remaining uninfluenced) returned to the group and said, O Nath, in that stream there is no water.
Through (the power of the word) Shabad he conquered the siddhs and propounded his altogether new way of life.
In Kaliyug, instead of yogic exercises the name of the Lord who is beyond all sufferings (Nanak) is the only source of delight. will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

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